"Enemies" List

From Travelwise42 of Wise Up:

This is my pre-Memorial Day rant that kept bouncing back to me:

Under the misnomer of "dialogue" and "diplomacy" nothing ever gets done, except giving huge sums of money, i.e. bribes to grease the squeaky wheel.
It's like our Worldwide public entitlement program or the Mob's "protection racket".
Yes, we'll give you 36 billion dollars if you'll quit sending nuke technology to Iran
or Pakistan or The Sudan or wherever...

We've been playing "defense only" for quite some time because we don't want to ruffle anyone's feathers or commit to "really" doing something about the thugs, tyrants and killers of Americans. If we're only gonna play defense on the borders to our South or with the oil cartels or those that would harm the USA as in N. Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Pakistan, the Saudi's, China etc etc, then we can never move forward, only lose ground!

We can't lose any friends, they're already just sitting on the top fence railing scratching their heads and watching us fall apart. (Some of our supposed allies even enjoying it!)

Sending a few pilotless "drones" overhead to cherry pick the enemy leaders is a case in point.
The Terrorists are blowing up men, women, children in markets, Mosques & train stations and we're trying to discourage the terrorists and eliminate collateral damage by putting a small bomb through a small window and into some creep's hovel in the desert and yet NOT harm his camel or cousins. 
...And lets sit a table and discuss sanctions, what we'll not let you have if you continue to set off bombs in your own town OR ours!
"Just for that you can't have any more kerosene AND no more fig preserves!"

Here's an idea! First we try REAL "Diplomacy" and tell them what is expected of them and what our intentions will be if they don't...give them a reasonable amount of time, say 24 hours. No Results?
Then we pick a city where we know the groups of terrorists are training, have ammo and hideouts and level it!
Killing everything that moves with one attack (They already think nothing of killing some of their own 
to make the 6pm REUTER's REPORT.) 
We can help!

Still no results? No capitulation? No idea of what century they're in? No understanding of human behavior and getting along with others?

Next day we pick another city of tens of thousands and level it. 
Terrorists, their women, grandmothers, children, ammunition dump, goats, innocent bystanders... whatever, just brush them off the planet like a bad case of head lice!
There are those that will say that we don't want to stoop to THAT level (or rather THEIR level) but you know Saddam once said, "The USA couldn't deal with it because they can't stand the blood!" He was right, we see it in our pathetic Administration's inability to even SAY the words "RADICAL ISLAM"!
So in order to get the attention of those that bathe and revel in the blood of Americans and others that don't accept Islam we've got to drench the sands of the Middle East red with their blood until they "mind their manners"!
If there was a den of rattle snakes under your house would you say, "Well that's just the way snakes are, poisoning kids and killing the dog?" 
No, you'd clean them out and KILL them all!
(Unless you're an idiot!)
I'm talking "Old Testament" house cleaning!
These people are like poisonous snakes and just need killing too!

That's how wars are won and ended!

Have a great Memorial Day
God Bless America!