For a great singer/musician friend who was living in denial of his bi-polar problem!

Two For The Price of One
By Wise
Jekyll and Hyde
along for the ride
don’t travel side by each
J. can be talking
while H. is just sulking,
seething and just out of reach.

A Halo with horns
Siamese twins reborn,
joined at the id for the ride.
Dissonance and harmony
A tragic-comedy
Unknown to the other inside.

This bi-polar
This hot ‘n’ colder
fightin’ then sippin’ wine
He is the rudest,
this hateful Buddhist.
...then suddenly he’ll be fine.

Pillar to pirate
(and he can’t deny it)
his mind is up for grabs.
While his head is spinning
The nice face is winning
‘cause “Mr. Hyde” might be taking a nap!

Pirate to pillar
love her or kill her,
Then a face you’ve never met…
“Mr. Hyde’s” not nice
it’s just a roll of the dice.
‘cause you never know which one you’ll get.

Petty & Spiteful
Devil and Angel,
(It Takes Two To Tangle)
Sweet and sour
fair and foul
weed and flower
Hour by hour…

You could call him crazy
(and you’d be half wrong)
Dr. Jekyll could be suave and singing your song.

You could call him crazy
(and you’d be half right)
Dr. Jekyll may not know that “Hyde’s” out tonight!