Friday, July 31, 2015

Hey kids, I've got a job!

How long before the welfare queens figure out that they’re missing out on the profit from the selling off of the aborted baby parts? 
After 3 babies they become diminishing returns…benefits are lowered % wise after 3rd.

To save Planned Parenthood this Administration might re-do the rules because now they have destitute, drug-addled women volunteering to be bred so they can be paid (maybe 50%) for heart, liver, kidneys …pregnant 16 weeks,  3 times a year,
they could bring in cash money for their other bad habits.
It be like a real job and they could pay taxes…
(They’ll quickly find a loophole for that!)
and they wouldn’t lose their EBT card or TANF or WIC eligibility either...

They’ll be lining up!
...and it’ll be next years TIMES magazine cover!


Monday, July 20, 2015

Hypocrites of the lowest kind!

How does this Administration and leftists in general, rectify belief and hatred of global warming climate change with making an idiot's deal allowing Iran to start to build nukes?

Or trying to justify abortion by picking a date or length of time when a fetus becomes/is “life” vs crushing the unborn baby in certain areas to not harm the $20,000 body parts (heart, liver, kidneys etc) to be distributed for whatever reason. (Proving that is indeed a life!)
After seeing a member of the hierarchy at Planned Parenthood (sic) discussing same while sipping wine in a restaurant, It reminds me that the only difference between Planned Parenthood’s genocide/butchery and Isis butchery is the distinction between the profit and The Prophet! 

Monday, July 13, 2015

What's in a name?


I like to fancy myself a good horserace handicapper and study the form right up to the last minute before laying down the bet at the window. Inevitably, the female I would bring with me to the track would pick a horse by the name only and get to go to the pay window, while my pick would be an "also ran", leaving me with head in hands at the injustice of it all.  

So with that as my premise and regardless of the baggage they each cart around or that the Leftists invent when someone else grabs the lead, let's try and use the "Name" method for finding a leader.

 I want a President with a first name that carries with it a sense of dignity!

I want a Thomas or Frank or Basil even a Clarence but let's find a President with an adult name! 
I imagine the only person who called Ronald Reagan "Ron" or "Ronnie" was Nancy Reagan.

Guys running for President of the United States who are addressed as Mitt, Rand or Newt sound like cowboys rounding up strays.

Ron is too frivolous a name whether he's an elder or not,
 Rick isn't much better than Ricky but his real name is James Richard Perry so I'll add him some points. 
That is certainly a Presidential name!

Dr. Ben Carson with a middle name of Solomon likewise gets extra credit!

Jeb is too Beverly Hillbillies and if we are going to have a dynastic Bush/Clinton Presidential election it wouldn't be right NOT to have a Kennedy running!
 Isn't there an Algonquin J. Kennedy out there somewhere, not yet having to face accusers?

Hillary always reminds me of a Herman's Hermits song:  "I'm Hillary the wraith I am, Hillary the wraith I am, I am…"

"Joe" (as in Biden) seems your everyday fry cook at the diner.
...And an Octogenarian still calling himself "Bernie" has slipped his tether at the assisted living dorm!
On the other hand "Barack" is even less dignified and brings to mind the sound one makes the morning after the tequila shots seemed like a good idea 
or just when you've looked over his record of destruction for the last 6+ years!

So we've cut the weak names from the herd and we have Scott Walker, Carly Fiorino, Marco Rubio and Donald Trump.
With Dr. Ben 'Solomon' Carson and James Richard "Rick" Perry as add-ons...
On a side note: I could get behind Condoleeza Rice and "Condi" doesn't bother me at all while "Jeb" reminds me of someone clogging on a dog house!

Where does that leave us?
While Donald Trump can out-shout the worst of the libs and yell, "YOU'RE FIRED" which is a great thing, Today I'm personally leaning toward 
James Richard "Rick" Perry who I believe has a license to carry!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Today the Confederate flag, tomorrow the Cross, Star of David & Stars & Stripes!

Then Cheerios and cows milk…

No more bacon or beef!
Butter is bad, get it out of here!

Can't you hear those radishes and carrots scream when they're pulled from the Earth?
No more Victory Gardens!

We want everyone to drive an electric car but we're outlawing coal that is 85% of the power it takes to charge those batteries!

"What Difference Does It Make?"
They died, who cares?

You have to pass it to know what's in it!
Premiums rise by 28% (if you're lucky!)

"Black lives matter" (Well why don't you act like it?)
You don't respect yourself why should anyone else?

Anybody that votes for Hillary has no respect for themselves or humanity!

Don't be a tool for these toads!