Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Today the Confederate flag, tomorrow the Cross, Star of David & Stars & Stripes!

Then Cheerios and cows milk…

No more bacon or beef!
Butter is bad, get it out of here!

Can't you hear those radishes and carrots scream when they're pulled from the Earth?
No more Victory Gardens!

We want everyone to drive an electric car but we're outlawing coal that is 85% of the power it takes to charge those batteries!

"What Difference Does It Make?"
They died, who cares?

You have to pass it to know what's in it!
Premiums rise by 28% (if you're lucky!)

"Black lives matter" (Well why don't you act like it?)
You don't respect yourself why should anyone else?

Anybody that votes for Hillary has no respect for themselves or humanity!

Don't be a tool for these toads!


Thursday, June 18, 2015

5 reasons for Donald Trump!

1. For good or ill Trump at least will tromp all over the squishy, duplicitous GOP hierarchy of John Boehnor and Mitch McConnell and if he gets into any of the serious debates (Which I doubt!) then we may see a diamond in the gravel who can speak up with logic and strength from the other contenders.

2. Very big on my list is that he won't be hitting me up for contributions every day as all GOP sites do, at least he said he'd cover it all himself.

3. A Trump/Clinton debate would have to be on PAY-PER-VIEW! (And in this corner, Hillary "The Buck$$$ Stop Here?" Clinton VS Donald "You're Fired!" Trump!)

4. Covering Donald Trump will leave media less time to find things like 4 traffic tickets in 17 years on Rubio etc. or that Rick Perry is probably not a vegetarian therefore shouldn't be President!

5. The Donald is a man not afraid to pull the trigger if it comes to that and will re-populate Gitmo mostly from this current ADMINISTRATION!

Here are my Magnificent 7 (W/ Trump in there to keep the "political correctness" factor off the table and make serious candidates make serious commitments!)

In no particular order:
Ted Cruz
Carly Fiorino
Bobby Jindal
Rick Perry
Scott Walker
Marco Rubio
Donald Trump

Monday, June 15, 2015

Hill-Billy & Chelsea thank you!

Sell-outs, liars and louts want more!
Keep GITMO open we're gonna need 3 more cells!