Monday, April 26, 2010

It's time to get OFFENSIVE!


Something had and STILL has to be done about our porous borders. I commend Arizona for having the chutzpa to "Just do something"! California probably won't but I hope Texas takes it on too!
The flagrant disregard of law in day to day discourse (Thanks to the likes of the worthless ACLU among others) just turns everything into meaningless mush and the masses, for good or evil, behave as they choose. This country was built on laws and when the winds of "change" blow them down, what will we as a nation have to stand on?

Here I call your attention to an excellent book by BURT PRELUTSKY
Titled: LIBERALS: America's Termites (chapter nine: It's not your country just because you say it is)

Under the misnomer of "dialogue" and "diplomacy" nothing ever gets done, except giving huge sums of money, i.e. bribes to grease the squeaky wheel.

We've been playing "defense only" for quite some time because we don't want to ruffle anyone's feathers or commit to doing something. If it's only defense we're gonna play on the borders to our South or with the oil cartels & those that would harm the USA as in N. Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Pakistan, the Saudi's etc etc, then we can never move forward, only lose ground!

We can't lose any friends, they're already just sitting on the top fence railing and watching us fall apart. (Some of our supposed allies even enjoying it!)

Sending a few pilotless "drones" overhead to cherry pick the enemy leaders is a case in point.
The Terrorists are blowing up men, women, children in markets, Mosques & train stations and
we're trying to eliminate collateral damage by putting a small bomb through a small window and into somebodies kitchen along with contemplating sanctions...
What? Stop the flow of kerosene or Oranges into Iran?

First we try "Diplomacy" and tell them our intentions for 24 hours. No Results?
How about we pick a city where we know the groups of terrorists are training, have ammo and hideouts and level it!
Killing everything that moves with one attack (They already think nothing of killing some of their own to make the 6pm REUTER's REPORT.) We can help!

Still no results? No capitulation? We pick another city of tens of thousands and level it. Terrorists, their women, children, ammunition dump, goats, innocent bystanders whatever, just brush them off the planet like a bad case of head lice!
There are those that will say that we don't want to stoop to THAT level (or rather THEIR level)
but you know Saddam once said, "The USA couldn't deal with it because they can't stand the blood!" He was right, but in order to get the attention of those that bathe and revel in the blood of Americans we've got to drench the sands of the Middle East red with their blood until they "Get it"!
That's how wars are won and ended!