Saturday, May 15, 2010

We're not in Kansas anymore...

As we in the United States endure an immature, pseudo-intellectual elected by the disillusioned because having to defend the country from would be killers of Americans was too much to bear, we get the perfect storm of
 " The Wiz behind the curtain" Soros, the trilogy of Barack "Head Munchkin" Obama, "If I only Had a Brain" Bidden & "Wicked Witch of the West" Pelosi!

This "Finger-Pointer-In Chief" after 18 months of "Bush did it! Bush did it! Bush did it!" and "We inherited this mess", takes others to task publicly for not shouldering responsibility.
Instead of pointing fingers as usual and making excuses, try and help BP why don'tcha?
Instead of rushing all of the USA's resources into gear to try and stop this disaster it's being used politically to quell off-shore drilling and bring Cap & Trade and Climate Change back into the picture. 

Without any background in economics, World history or any inherent belief in the good of the Country, he and his Democratic boot licks are taking us down the path of no return.  I've said it before and I repeat it now… "Either he is so stupid that he thinks he can turn corn chips into gold dust or he is bringing the country to it's knees by design!"

I believe some of each…He really IS clueless about economics or how the World works and is trying to bring about the demise of the greatest country in history because of whatever kink in his psyche eliminated his ability to assume there might be another, better answer other than his!
If he's as smart as the MSM touts him to be, how on earth can he make and force-pass such suicidal policies? Nor has there ever been an elected official telling such blatant lies to the populous every time he opens his mouth. I imagine when the door to the 'fridge is opened and the light comes on, he starts lying to the milk!

Just as insane serial killers Ted Bundy (educated, clean-cut and articulate) and John Wayne Gacey, (who entertained at parties as a clown), so too is Barack Obama.
 Without the forethought of good judgement or the consequences of his actions, he has brought the complete destruction of a way of life to the edge of the abyss and has no qualms of pushing it over and obviously, like Bundy and Gacey, can't help or stop himself!

Some sick twist in parental upbringing swung the above mentioned duo toward a Satanistic, murderous bent, so too the abandoned Barack H. Obama took the path of fakery, falsehood, lies and deception because of whatever he conceived as the reason for his abandonment. He's killed jobs, killed an economy and is trying to kill a way of life! There is no scholastic paper trail of accomplishment, nothing noteworthy in his life except 20 years in a church of hate where he swears he didn't listen to the hate filled sermons!

The whole list of "positives" (looks good in a suit, straight teeth) when set beside just two or three on his encyclopedic list of "negatives" (high taxes and swollen government, surrounded by Socialists, Communists, Anti-Capitalists, and revolutionaries that advise him) should have even the staunchest Liberal/leftist shaking in their boots!
Since they invented that machine in Washington to clone The Three Stooges over and over and over I'm certain they can create ONE Democrat with the common sense to put a stop to this golf playing simpleton!