Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rats in the Rose garden and La Cucaracha in the White House!

As a career musician I've crossed paths with many, many people from all parts of the world and across the human spectrum. I still count quite a few as friends and I'm in contact with some after some 53 years in the business.
However, along with the honorable and good comes some of the lowest life forms that mankind has to offer. Druggies, drunks, thieves, low life's who would cheat at penny-anti poker, break in your house if they knew you were gone and not a few who had been accused of rape!

But none of these ex-coworkers ever stooped as low as the Democratic congress did by applauding the President of Mexico in OUR House of Government this past week.
The disgusting betrayal by Pelosi, Napolitano, Eric Holder, VP Biden for political fodder, though par for this Administration's course, was so planned and orchestrated that I expected a chorus of youth in sarapes doing the "The Mexican Hat Dance" even though "La Cucaracha" (The Cockroach) would have been more appropriate!
Then B.O., after nodding his head throughout, coming to the podium to reiterate the same words, pat him on the back and give him a party at the White House!
A standing ovation for the President of a country so fraught with graft, drug murders, police corruption and human trafficking( spirals-out-of-control.html) who is giving us a lecture on "regulations" and good behavior.

This sickening display of mendacity, duplicity and arrogance are seen daily from this bunch and their political boot-licks. These antiquated, corrupt, political hacks are not only at complete odds with the will of the majority of their countrymen BUT they don't even consider us their countrymen! 

They band together in their utter disregard of the people between Washington DC and San Francisco, Federal Law and of respect for the Constitution. 
I guess Pelosi and Biden didn't think they had time to burn the flag while he was at the podium berating Arizona for considering illegal's illegal !

If Obama, Pelosi aren't the lowest of the low then we'll kick through into the mud below and include with them, those lying embarrassments to the stupidest everywhere, Grayson of Florida and Barney Frank!
Sure, there's still a handful of followers/worshipers that can't bring themselves to admit they were taken in by this band of liars but all-in-all the "transparency" that was promised is that everyone "can see what their ultimate target is"!
 It's an empty headed, passé agenda of turning the USA into a welfare state with Obama handing out the cookies. 

Future writers will treat them as what they are…an aberration in what was an exceptional country's history.
Unfortunately most of them don't seem to have any ability to read!
Even the WARNING signs before diving head-first into the shallow end of the pool!