Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Press 1 for Amtrak!

Sounds to me like Arizona and all the States that are wanting illegal immigration help can't count on the Feds. Meanwhile this Administration hires educated consultants that have trouble putting on matching socks in the morning to table committees for 4 months of study, point fingers and finally come up with a paper on the fact that there's an oil leak AND a BORDER LEAK! ("Well, we're gonna lose big time in November and 2012 if we don't get some Dem voters in here!")
 Instead, bring in the Israeli Commandoes to get the border situation stopped and they'll deport the Illegals back, confiscate the hospital forms and have them take their anchor babies with them.
Political Cartoon by Lisa Benson

(Then put up a picture of Henry Waxman & and/or the mug shot of Barney Frank facing Mexico and there'll be a HUGE down-swing in recidivism!)