Tuesday, July 20, 2010

C'mon Congress...people,

PATRIOTS, whether you're DEMOCRATS, INDEPENDENTS, TEA PARTY MEMBERS or REPUBLICANS, quit trying to reach out to this Left-Wing Loon Administration!
It's way past time to quell this disaster!

Oppose, filibuster, impeach, argue, take it to court, throw up road blocks to funding, unseat the special interests, call out the appointment of Czars that don't answer to anyone, Make accountable those that caused this economic cesspool brought to us by Barney Frank and Chris Dodds who still remain out of prison, in office and still in charge of Fannie & Freddie with no penalties. It's not enough to just give a speech on their wrongheadedness, they just tell lies and start another fire! 

Instead, reach out together and latch on to the fire hose and with the Constitution clenched in your teeth, stand firm and put this man-made disaster/conflagration out!
                        …Out of business and out of office!