Thursday, July 1, 2010

Invest anywhere but HERE in the USA!

Excerpt from: 

No One's Capital Is Safe in Obama's America


By Claude Sandroff

"Obama's poorly coded message to investors is to take your money out of America and keep it out...

In 2011, one of the largest tax increases in American history goes into effect. Not only do capital gains rise, but so too does the payroll tax, the income tax, and the estate tax. And even then, businesses large and small, while in their final financial death throes, will have nothing to look forward to other than the doom of ObamaCare and the unknown costs that Obama will attempt to afflict via cap-and-trade and a European-style value-added tax."

This doomsday scenario is a valid prediction for the future here in this country. Start making your " WILL WORK FOR FOOD" signs and pick out your intersection for begging and cleaning windshields, in 2 years they'll all be taken! 
Whoops, scratch that "cleaning windshields"...Solar and wind power only! 
no drilling--no automobiles! it'll just be outright begging!