Monday, July 5, 2010

Somebody please, grab the reins!

You've seen them, we've all seen and heard the requests to "Come to the Gulf!"  Our beaches are fine (for now) so "come on down!"…
We saw the same kind of ads from Aruba after the Hollaway disappearance.
We heard it after 9/11, "Go and do--fly somewhere, especially to NY City--business as usual,
"we can't let them intimidate us, then they win!"
Again, when the stock market is in throes and upheaval because of the happenings in this world of "thugs on the loose" having their way.
"But my 401K and IRA are losing $3000 to $6000 a day?"
"Stay the course, stay in the market---it'll bounce back, it always does."

We've got rules of engagement in Afghanistan: "Try not to kill anyone shooting at you unless you've tried to use diplomacy first!"
Support Arizona and bypass the idiot boycotts: 
Let's hold our Baptist Convention in Nogales near or even IN a subterranean human trafficking tunnel! That way we can show our solidarity with Arizona.

We're like a roomful of rats in a burning house just running around, faster and faster to seek an exit from the pending disaster(s)! 
Yet everyone in stunned silence of this Administration's bogus actions, reactions and lack of actions that are so ruinous and some even illegal that have us in the spiraling vortex to Hell!
Do we wait until we have 3rd degree burns from the flames before we look for the extinguisher?  
It's not enough to wait for the November elections.
Where are the powers of RIGHT!?!  
It's not enough for a Senator to stand up and condemn on C-Span when everyone's gone home for the weekend.
Do we wait till we implode before stopping the corrupt actions of this sinister takeover of our way of life?
…To be politically correct and still say hello to Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi and Allan Grayson in the halls?

I'm tired of reading of all the wrong-doing without any legal recourse or attempts to put a stop to it!

From: Institutionalized Gangster Government
The rule of law is losing out to tyranny.
July 5, 2010 - by Tom Blumer
"That the government has incompetently thwarted most attempts to keep the oil from the company’s incapacitated rig from reaching shore is beyond dispute. The most blatant failure was reported at Canada’s Financial Post:"

"We can't police the borders, they're too big!"
"Too many people want to do drugs and we can't stop them!"

We can put a man on the moon, detect a tornado while it's still in the clouds, we've got a view of the spewing oil from a mile deep in the gulf 24/7, a Dr. can run a camera cable about 6' into my colon and I can watch on TV while they remove polyps PLUS our soldiers fight the Taliban in the rocky, barren stretches of desert in the Middle East in 117˚ heat and wearing pounds and pounds of fighting gear and armor and yet our BORDERS ARE TOO VAST AN UNDERTAKING!

What a pathetically inept thing for our "American Idle" President and the Head of Homeland security to say!

(Well, I say as long as you're giving in to the druggies, human
smugglers and illegals, there are a lot more people that don't want to pay Income taxes so turn your jellied brains to giving up the IRS!

Are we lacking in leadership to do what's right? Doesn't anyone believe that the safeguards against Governmental corruption will work?

PATRIOTS, whether you're DEMOCRATS, INDEPENDENTS, TEA PARTY MEMBERS or REPUBLICANS, quit trying to reach out to this Left-Wing Loon Administration!

Instead, reach out together and latch on to the fire hose and with the Constitution clenched in your teeth, stand firm and put this man-made disaster/conflagration out!
                                                              …Out of business and out of office!