Friday, July 9, 2010

Score none for us!

There's something very fishy about the way they hustled the Russian "spies" out of the country so fast, after announcing that they've had a "watch" on them for about 10 years.
Wouldn't there normally be some kind of fact gathering as to purpose and connections made in the USA?  We've been assured that in those 10 years they didn't do any "serious" damage to security!
Doesn't anyone think that there is more to this saga than we're seeing and hearing.
It's not simply a ridiculous, Obama-as-Barney Fife decision like turning Nasa into Dr. Joyce Brothers for has more sinister connotations.
Although, now that I ponder the Liberal way with problems of their own making, I see that it's just biz as usual.
...but why did it blow by so quickly?
The Vice-President was on Jay Leno joking about it 2 or 3 days later so it must be ok?

It took 2 years to catch a teen stealing airplanes and crashing them (and WE didn't catch him!) and there are (at last report) 45 Afghanis AWOL from a base where they were training in the U.S. but giving credit where credit is due, they finally caught Lindsey Lohan!