Monday, September 27, 2010

Beverly Hills Tea Party 9/26.2010

No one really expects California to wake up and smell the executioner.

The adrift-from-her-moorings Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is the harridan of a city that thrives on being the stopover for the lemmings charging toward the cliffs above the sea. Barbara Boxer has her followers in the "Please sir may I have another!" state that is going under faster than a surfer in a shark attack and to put the Icing on these twisted metaphors again-running, ex-Governor Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown (leading in today's polls) is probably going to help put the final stake thru the heart of an, at one-time, beautiful paradise part of the planet.

Aside from the "Do as I say, not as I do!" multi-millionaires in Hollywood and the thousands that were released from mental hospitals and prisons because the state couldn't afford to keep them, there should also be a populous of hard working people, small business owners and professionals, all with families who should level the playing field. I know there are closet Conservatives that have to play-along-to-get-along and keep working even in the movie industry.
I just don't see it in the polls.
Is it because the major markets are so unionized and ordered to toe the voting line?
Perhaps…and it's the same in other union strongholds like New York State.
Unions are a huge part of the entertainment world. 
Actors, writers, animal trainers, musicians, carpenters as builders of sets, designers and anything else you can think of have the "paid protections of the Mafia-like unions"!
You can add the firefighters and police that they're trying to unionize too. 
Then of course a disaster will occur about the same time as a pay raise dispute and it'll be like the garbage strike NY City suffered through for weeks some years back!
Passage of the "Police and Firefighters Monopoly Bargaining Bill" is the LAST thing California needs.
"California is facing a budget deficit of over $19 billion thanks to out-of-control government union bosses and their outrageous demands." 

Common sense doesn't have a chance in California.

Ever been to San Diego? Besides the thousands of illegals streaming in, indigent homeless PLUS the released mental patients and prisoners, most using California streets and yards for their bed & bathrooms, we have a state that gets it's political gumption from Barbra Streisand, Lady Gaga, Sean Penn and others who play dress up and pretend for a living espousing how everyone but them should live!
Not only can these free loaders vote but can influence voters, and like Steven Colbert recently, they are given microphones and carte blanch airtime to expound on whatever their bevy of friends agree on in their little "dress up and pretend" world. 
When the populous is enamored with the words of a Janeane Garafalo or Sean Penn and Danny Glover etc glorifying the Chavez regime in Venezuela or Castro's Cuba, how can anyone expect them to vote against the delusional, far-Left Pelosi, Barbra Boxer or Jerry Brown?
When an openly gay judge overturns a voted-on referendum against gay marriage, it's business as usual in California.
When Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton and others are busted for drugs, found guilty and released again and again (ditto pedophiles) it's business as usual in California.
Now they're not happy with the travesty of medical marijuana, they want to legalize it across the board.
…as if they're not scatter-brained enough.

No, it's going to be business as usual in California.