Wednesday, October 6, 2010

STILL thinking of voting in lock-step with this Administration?


Since the Fall elections are here I thought I'd make a list.
All we've learned about these characters is mostly from camera time they clamor for and their dreams of control over the masses. (Well, actually there are a lot more reasons to vote a straight Conservative/Republican ticket--this time--other than just saving the world as we know it, but let me just scratch the surface of reason.)

These most visible elitists have personalities, ethics, social graces and conniving thoughts that are so off the mark that instead of allowing them to run for Congress or have any role in Government they should be caned in the town square of Lusk, Wyoming!

Grayson----This nit-wit seems to have been born and raised in a Frat house at "HEY U".  Somebody see if his area in Florida has noticed any voter fraud in their District! (How else could this buffoon garner any followers?)
Pelosi-----Now this creature from the Rainbow cocoon of California, can do no wrong for her lemmings-to-the-sea                      constituency. She at times is so overloaded with pharmaceuticals as to start babbling nursery rhymes in public forums. (After Biden, next in-line to the Presidency in case of the demise of the President!)
Harry Reid-----Reid is of the, "I vas only followink orders!" type. His sneakiness and raccoon squint makes him look as though he's already been in your wallet. (He has!)
Barbra Boxer-----If she was in any state except overburdened California , her arrogance and fight for blanket amnesty for illegals would be enough to get her voted out but we're talking California here...
Maxine Waters-----Proof that laws are NOT for everybody!
Anthony Wiener---Has the soft spoken Dem. rhetoric of a rabid, caged weasel. He follows the worst of the party lines (which are the opposite of 60+% of the voters) and will be the first to scream in your face that you don't "get it" because you're too stupid.
Barney Frank-----Nearly caused the entire World financial collapse and has the life-style of Caligula...
Al Franken-----I don't think I have to bother with encapsulating this box-o-rocks…He's not as funny as Bill Maher, who's not funny!
Obama-----Has made so many major Presidential blunders that he's as cartoonish as "Wile E. Coyote"  falling off the cliff with the anvil still in his arms! His latest cry-for-help to save the disaster of his time in office is to go on MTV to get out the vote of the teenage illiterates, a major part of his base in '08! 
After a spending binge that is unequaled and that has put the country on "mortality watch" I give you one of his "smoking-gun-in-his-own-hand" absurd comments: 
"Obama Monday said the United States was facing an 'untenable fiscal situation' and we would have to get serious about tackling its federal deficit."

Here are just a few ideas: 
Make your union buddies pay back all the money you so generously bestowed on them, 
get rid of your 30+ self-appointed czars, 
cut Michelle's staff down to 2 or 3, 
no more pricey taxpayer funded vacations, 
get rid of the Department of Education, and all other duplicative gov't agencies that aren't coordinated or needed, 
institute a Fair Tax & do away with the IRS, 
have all the tax evaders in your administration pay their back taxes...
How does "Government Motors" (GM) building factories in Mexico and Russia create jobs HERE? (Batteries for the Volt will be from S. Korea)
Do away with food stamps & welfare checks for illegals
(Do away with listing "can't speak English" as a disability!) 
Lift the moratorium on drilling,
Take back the $2 billion you sent to Brazil to allow them to drill an even deeper well in the Gulf where you have the drilling ban,
get rid of the EPA, 
Let Air Force 1 stay on the ground long enough to at least be serviced,
Hire some people who know how to get our economy going again, instead of the incompetent, never-held-a-real-job, can't do their own taxes, academics you have surrounded yourself with.

Better yet, admit you're in way over your head and resign.

Thanks to commenter Louisianimal for the contribution of salient "ideas  which were expounded upon by Travelwise42 before posting.