Friday, November 12, 2010

Charisma minus IQ

Charisma & Intelligence

Why are we still hearing positive statements about the intellectual or "highly intelligent" Barack Obama?
While highly intelligent can mean many things to many different people the definition of charisma is absolute. Charisma is a leading factor in "star power".
In this discussion charisma has taken the stage over and is more an influence than intelligence.
Charisma: a spiritual power or personal quality that gives an individual influence or authority over large numbers of people.
Synonyms: magnetic, compelling, alluring, fascinating, captivating, charming, appealing

Now charisma and high levels of intelligence do not necessarily go together and I think this has many confused.
Most would say Elvis or Marilyn Monroe had charisma but not necessarily describe them as highly intelligent.
There are/were many with charisma i.e., Jim Jones who had hundreds of followers that left all behind, traveled to Ghana and eventually committed mass suicide.
or Hitler who gave such speeches that could instill a national pride in hundreds of thousands, convince them of their superiority and set them to eliminating peoples who didn't make Der F├╝her's cut!
Still we don't equate high intelligence with either of these charismatic people, and we can go on and on with names and analysis.
We can find many who have high IQ and are possibly pure of thought but are not charismatic.
Winston Churchill for instance or Jonas Salk inventor of the polio vaccine. Steven Hawkings for instance. Bill Gates is seemingly without charisma as was William Thompson who hybridized the seedless grape. 
Some like Bill Maher, Chris Mathews and Keith Olberman seemingly have neither intelligence nor charisma and have found their popularity niche by being bitterly outspoken to like believers in not just the unexceptionalism of the United States but also the requirement of those Leftist regimes in Governmental power to dictate and force-feed control to the proletariat or lower classes.  
These like many entertainers believe their power of drawing paying customers to listen to their rhetoric, hands them the Microphone of Socialism to tell the hoi poloi what to think and do. Others would be Oprah, Barbra Streisand, Rob Reiner and dozens of dress up and pretend Hollywoodites.

The Mid-term elections of 2010 have already proven my point.
This "not that smart" President is saying that he took a shellacking at the mid-term elections because of the economy, or the citizens are scared because they know not what is happening or the folks that live between Barney Frank and Barbra Boxer are too dense to know all the good that has been done by his regime.
Therein lies the problem with a not very bright, shyster politician.
Yes unemployment is a big part as are the prices at the grocery store and mortgages defaulting, of paying more for fuel and the USA being beholden to China while broke and the price of bacon rising!
The absolute MAIN REASON the citizens rose up, fired up and ready to go to the wall with sticks, stones and clubs was the dictatorial pushing of all these favors for the Democrat big money supporters (Unions), big paybacks for the votes, for forcing through a still not understood and loathed health care bill, making deals behind closed doors, kickbacks to members of their own party to vote the party line in "The Arkansas kickback", "The Louisiana Purchase" et al, and doing most of it without reading the enormously expensive bills before shoving them through, virtually in the shadows of deceit. Not to mention the repeated ridiculous excuses to not control the horrors on our Southern border, and many other failed policies in the face of the contrary wishes of a majority of the citizens.
Then he sallies up smiling to his teleprompter/mic to do his Presidential stand-up comedy routine and mouth one lie after another to the populace thinking "I can tell them anything and they'll buy it! Because I'm the one they've been waiting for!"
He was wrong again!
Just as the Menendez Brothers still get love letters though they're in prison for 12 years now for brutally killing their parents for the inheritance, so too will Obama retain insipidly minded followers that still buy into his amateur, failed decisions.
It's obvious he's not smart…he's probably below average. 
How do I know this?
Just like I know he's a shyster and puppet...a conniver and a grifter.
It's very naive to think "HE STILL DOESN'T GET IT!" when in reality it's
He's got a job to do. His job is to force feed us the agenda that his puppet master(s) have set forth.
He and his family spent 20 years in Rev. Wright's church of HATE and B.O. didn't know he was a radical anti-white, anti-Jew Preacher?

He/they know that if he hammers away with eloquence, even if his platitudes and rhetoric are as empty as his first 2 years in office, that the dumbest of the dumb will STILL buy into his personality and glib analogies.

This creep's not smart...he's like Jack the ripper... By the time the murderees figured out what was was too late!
Don't think for a second that he will capitulate or compromise. If it looks as though he is, it's a trick.
This creep's not smart, he's just a shyster.
If foiling people is a sign of intelligence then Bernie Madoff is a genius and should be set free!
Plus, he still smokes doesn't he?
How dumb is that?