Sunday, December 26, 2010

Lets Make A Deal (NOT!)


Would somebody enlighten me here?

I can only think of two very weak reasons why anyone with voting power would cast FOR the "START treaty".

1. To get it over with in time to go home for Christmas vacation
2. To try and get Russia to side with us in some way against the nuclear
wanna-be's of "Tyrant-town", i.e., North Korea, Iran, Pakistan et al…

With the God-less, criminal element of Russia already selling missiles for Putin's pocket change to various 3rd world nations and North Korea rattling their own sabers and dealing arms and ideas to Venezuela, not to mention our own lunk-headed Government selling fighter jets to Saudi Arabia, we are heading into a box canyon with no way out without the fight of our lives or submission/capitulation. China seems to be building a fleet of nuclear subs to gain a strategic advantage and they own all of our debt!
So what does America do? We resign ourselves to a smaller arsenal with fewer strategic options.
Hello…Is anybody home? Is this mic on?

It's bad enough that we throw our military an issue (DADT) that those in the field are against and do it during a time of armed conflict but now we agree to reduce arms at the time the world is in major upheaval.
If we are to remove ourselves from being the Global peacekeeper by reducing arms then we should bring the military back home from around the world. Close those bases in Japan, Germany, The Philippines, Panama Canal etc. have those countries fend for themselves for a while…let them defend themselves for a change or let enemy take them over. 
Lets bring our men home and out of harms way instead of tying one hand behind their backs to help level the playing field for the enemy. 

We'll have an Army like the Danes or Swiss where they put on their uniforms for 2 weeks of the year and go camping and just hang out.
Then we can have a rag-tag military, something like the Somali pirates, operating off the coast of Atlantic City and Nantucket just taking Japanese fishermen hostage for ransom!

Just because the community whoops I mean "Tee Time" organizer got snookered in a meeting with the Russians (a deal that even the Russians were stunned he accepted) our elected should have at least spent time discussing it rather than limping along with the "lame ducks".
I guess we just had to "Pass it so we can see how much harm it'll cause!"

Somebody grab the reins on this jackass (Hey, the Democrats chose their own mascot!) because he's kicking down the stall!

I would like to know the rationale that went into a yes vote from both Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker from Tennessee and the other RINO'S that followed suit.