Thursday, March 31, 2011

A man in NC brilliantly responds to his Congresswoman's take on Obamacare...

March 30, 2011

Dear Senator Hagan;

With all due respect, your response is total bullshit.  We could easily have solved the pre-existing conditions, portability of insurance from state to state & job to job, as well as all of the other perceived & real problems with our current health care system without passing a 2,000+ page piece of legislation that no one read before passing it in the dark of night, behind closed doors, without public debate, without transparency, by bribing state representatives to get their votes, etc., etc. and worst of all, AGAINST THE WILL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!!!  Have you not seen the recent polls?  The more the American people learn about Obamacare, the less they like it!

OBAMACARE will not fix a damn thing & you know it!  It will ruin the best health care system on the planet.  It will drive up costs.  It will put private insurance companies out of business.  It will force all Americans into a single payer system as was intended.  It will force the best doctors, surgeons & technicians out of the health care industry because they won’t be able to make the higher incomes they earn & deserve with decreasing Medicare & Medicaid payments they receive for their services.  I know this to be a fact because I have numerous friends who are doctors & they are all singing the blues!  I know several very prominent doctors who have retired early because they can’t make any money when 75% of their patients are either on Medicare or Medicaid.  Obamacare will only make this pathetic scenario worse. 

Government doesn’t solve problems, Senator Hagan, it makes them worse, & it creates new problems that will have to be solved at a later date with more government intervention/regulations, etc.  What is it about liberals like yourself that seem to be incapable of learning from past mistakes & history???  Name one thing the federal gov’t (much less state & local gov’ts) does well & cost-efficiently (with the exception of our Armed Services, the only gov’t “program” that liberals ever want to “cut”).  Just one.  How about the USPS which loses hundreds of millions of dollars every 3 months of every year?  The internet made the USPS obsolete.  Or how about the DMV?  Everyone just loves the friendly customer service at the DMV!  Or how about the Social Security System that has never had a “lock box” or “trust fund”.  Nope.  Instead, gov’t bureaucrats like yourself simply put the money collected from everyone paying Social Security taxes & put it into the general fund where you SPENT IT ALL.  Or how about our public education system that liberal Democrats like yourself love to promote with every election campaign ad nauseum, and guess what?  You NEVER, EVER get enough taxpayer money to pay for public education, you’re always whining about THE TEACHERS & yet the bureaucracy that runs public education grows & grows & grows.  But the quality of education gets proportionately worse the more taxpayer money we throw at it!  This is so typical of everything the gov’t screws up!  Why don’t we instead get the gov’t OUT OF EDUCATION, shut down the teachers’ unions, & let the free enterprise private sector teach our children?  Why don’t we let the private sector compete for this “business”?  I bet if we did, our education system would improve 5 fold in about 10 years.  How about that, Senator Hagan?  Then we wouldn’t need liberal windbag politicians like yourself to lecture us on how well you are taking care of all of us! 

GOVERNMENT HEALTH CARE has never worked anywhere else in the world it has been tried & it won’t work in America.  Greece anyone?  Heck, even the British Prime Minister pleaded with us NOT to go down the ruinous road to socialized medicine!  The British learned the hard way how destructive socialized medicine is!  I wonder if the American people will be rioting in the streets in 20-30 years from now when we wake up & realize we don’t have the money to pay for all of these gov’t entitlement programs…

If OBAMACARE is the utopian plan as you outline below, why are so many states (last count I saw was 26!), companies (heck, even entire industries), & especially all the labor unions (that helped Barack Hussein Obama get elected) asking for & being granted EXEMPTIONS????  And coincidentally, why doesn’t Obamacare get fully implemented until 2014???  (HINT: So Barack Hussein Obama can get re-elected BEFORE the American people fully realize what a nightmare Obamacare really is!!!)

Lastly, Obamacare is clearly UNCONSTITUTIONAL as several federal judges have ruled, and as I pray the Supreme Court will eventually rule.  The truth is that the Constitution is IN YOUR WAY because it LIMITS YOUR POWER, and politicians don’t like that, do they? 

Your fancy words & feel goodisms don’t fool me & they won’t fool the people of North Carolina in 2012 when we will summarily FIRE you.

You clearly didn’t get the message the American people sent in the most recent mid-term elections.  WE DON’T WANT ALL THIS BIG GOVERNMENT MISERY  DEMOCRATS ARE SHOVING DOWN OUR THROATS & WE WANT OBAMACARE REPEALED!!!!

Since you have chosen to ignore the people of North Carolina with your stupid liberal talking points (Diversions & LIES), perhaps you will hear us loud & clear in 2012.


Your Employer
(Name withheld by choice)