Friday, July 15, 2011

Obama (Doesn't) Care!


You Obamacare advocates should be careful what you wish for!
If this President keeps getting his way through petulance, lies and corrupt bullying actions, this country will be gone for people to escape poverty & tyrants to get here and have a better life. Gone the freedom to succeed without the thumb of
"Big dictator-run Government" making them the lower working classes, servants and serfs.
You will see how "FREE" this country will be if Obamacare is NOT overturned by the Supreme Court. 
If that law is held up and it remains the law of the land, American Federalism* really will be over. 
The Federal Government will be able to mandate anything. Since they will be the provider of your health Insurance... what you can eat, where you can live, even what kind of car you can drive or what kind of house you can live in will come from a twit in a suit behind a desk in another state!
If this law stands the Government will be the provider of your health insurance and the Federal Government will tell you how much you can weigh and what you can eat. 
It's already starting with the food police. If it's thought by a bureaucrat to be calorie rich and might possibly cause you to gain weight, taxes will be added or raised to discourage you from eating it. 
The type of house you can live in (It had better be “energy efficient,” by "THEIR" standards or else it will be taxed to death, making you unable to sell it at a reasonable price). They've already, with out an iota of common sense among them,  declared what kind of light bulbs we can and can't use.
What type cars are to be on American streets, what fuel it can use, where your clothing is made…
Before you start saying, "this is far fetched" I'm telling you they've already started doing it!
Nobody stopped them from taking General Motors away and handing it over to the Unions…to be Government Motors!
What's to stop them from "FORCING" you to buy one of their puny cars with an extension cord? They'll just keep slapping the taxes higher on traditional autos and especially gasoline. The Government can and will mandate anything it wants.
Since China practically owns us now I'm sure that's where all our clothes will come from, not to mention cheap appliances and lead filled children's toys.
This is government tyranny at its worst and it will make the United States look more like the Soviet Union rather than the America that we were all used to!  Children being born now will never know what "choice" really means! Why do I say the Soviet Union? Because, as in the Soviet Union, YOU will be forced to live the way the government wants you to live, but the privileged few, those “special” members of government, will be allowed to live any way THEY want to live. (You know, like they do now, only more so.)
If you think the riots in Greece were far away and not of much concern, then think about this: you're going to be a part of the insanity that is going to take place outside your front door when the mercury of American minds hits the top of the gauge!
 I really don’t think this "nit-wit" that's in the most important office in the world and his addled-brained helpers understand that by "FORCING" this last sanctuary of freedom so far to the left because they think the whole world should be a 3rd World country, that the American people won't rise up, en masse and make the 1st American Civil War look like a Sunday outing in the park!
 Well, they’re about to get their 2nd taste at the voting booth in 2012. (In 2010 we sent a bunch of those pin heads back to their home towns and as the head pin head said, "that was a shellacking!")

"Mr, you ain't seen nothin yet!"
You can bet the farm on it!

* Under federalism, power is shared and divided between national and state governments. Each has specific powers unto themselves while they also share certain powers. Both levels have their own agencies and officials and directly affect the people. The Founding Fathers really had no other choice except federalism. The weak union created under the Articles would not work yet people did not want to give all the power to a national government. Federalism was the middle ground--compromise--a way to distribute authority between the states and the national government.