Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Anybody know an honest human?


As preposterous as it may seem to some, we've let the under-educated narcissistic take over positions in Government. Not for the desire to help be a part of what makes America strong but to have a cushy, benefit laden position to get rich through funneling taxpayer money to pet projects.

Overpriced jobs nearly any home owner could do at 20% of the cost is the norm.  A know-nothing bureaucrat wouldn't take the time to get bids on having the barracks re-roofed at Ft. Dix New Jersey, he would call his Friend or nephew in Teaneck who would do the job at $45,000 per roof. My Father-in Law knows a guy who could do it better and faster for $6,500 per unit and so do you; and so does anybody else that owns their own home!
Same with the $700 step ladders and $800 hammers…nobody is overseeing these witless wonders---they just keep getting higher salaries. 
As in the case of the boobs who ok'd the selling of high powered weapons to South-of-the-border Drug Cartels, nobody is held to account. 
If Eric Holder gets indicted in Operation Fast & Furious, should he get a civilian trial? 
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They just get promoted sideways to a different location with-in the bureaucratic community…a buy-out to keep their pensions intact if they keep their mouth shut. 
We all hear of these cost over-runs and because it is money from tax payers there is no over-site. Just free money! 
So what are these boobs doing to protect the taxpayer?
Making commode tanks smaller!
Instead of making the commode tank smaller to save water in the senseless greening projects they could have saved the same amount or more by having congress turn off the water between rinsing while brushing their teeth! I say it would save the same amount of water but it would probably save more, since most times the smaller commode tanks usually must be flushed twice to be of any use.

Raiding Gibson Guitars because they may be using the wrong wood is another thing or giving millions to "green" energy companies that go belly-up about a year after the check is cashed! 
Breaking: Solyndra solar plant closes; $535 million vanishes; Obama curse strikes again; UPDATE: Bankrupt

Now we find $60,000,000,000 "lost" due to "oversight" in these wars in the Middle East. I'm sure Ghadaffi, Assad & Mubareck have the lion's share of that sitting in investments somewhere and now this same bunch that gives cash dollars to these regimes that despise the West want to cut our military budget and retiree's Social Security as a threat to raise taxes!
Not only are these chowderheads arming the Mexican drug cartels, it's not that much of a leap even for J. Biden, M. Waters, B. Frank and Obama's of the world and every one else in both Houses, that we are also arming our enemies in the Middle East. Watching the Libyan rebels firing into the air for hours on end before, during and still, says that they have an inexhaustible supply of guns an ammo. 
Paid for with American taxpayer money!

Isn't there anyone out there with common sense AND ethics?