Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Presidential Library

*Library to be housed in a closet of a 
"Ripley's Believe It Or Not", suburban Chicago.

1. A portrait in oils showing his golf stance to hang over the mantle.

2. Framed Newspaper clippings of his bowing to Middle-Eastern oil Sheiks.

3. The infamous White House Christmas decoration with Mao's picture on it, enshrined.

4. The hammer and sickle flag logo for his cabinet appointees and private counsel Czars. 

5. A Russian postage stamp with his likeness and the head of a pin adorned with his accomplishments written in full.

6. There will be a plaque for America's "Worst President" of all time.
The plaque to stand between the "Noble Peace Prize", given before he had a chance to get the seat in the oval office warm and to the other side of A wall hanging denoting the fighting of 3 wars at one time (but calling them something different.)

7. A bronzed can of peas from the Valley of the Jolly Green Giant for making America
"Eat (their) Peas!"

8. A citation from the KKK for helping re-segregate the races thru divisiveness, envy and entitlement. 

9. A 30 gallon refuse container with receipts for champagne & Pheasant parties for Hollywood fops.

10. Thank you letters from the drug cartels in Mexico for helping them get more firepower and free passage through and into American cities to move their drugs.

11.Citation for a Presidential 1st, overseeing the financial downgrading by the S&P for the only time since financial markets have been rated.

12. An honorary diploma from "The Tall Tale Society" for his ability to lie and fabricate without showing any sign of remorse or sense of guilt and A Gold Statuette from "Pathological Liars Inc.", a subsidiary of the Liberal Leftist Society.

13. An award for creating another American 1st: Leading from behind!
Who knew that it meant having his head up his butt?

(more to come)
(Hey, and we're gonna need a bigger envelope!)