Thursday, October 20, 2011

Impeach? NO, jail time!


Spending many years in a business and having to deal with sound-men, recording engineers, amplifier and instrument repair people, there was a phrase that I heard over and over from the chronically inept! A glib reminder that outsmarting the client paying was as good as actually fixing their problem.

"If you can't dazzle them with brilliance...baffle them with bullshit!"
I've seen it on signs above worktables and heard it whispered behind sound mixing boards.

This is the ideology that the Democrat machine has taken to it's bosom.
Presidents are not supposed to look directly into the camera with an off-center smirk and tell the people something he KNOWS is an outright lie. He does it day after day, time after time. His cohorts and Czars either back him or resign and head for the hills. There are at least 4 of his economic team to disappear and probably go back to twisting the minds of students.

Isn't there supposed to be some decency and honor to the Presidency?
I expect a falsehood now and then from politicos but if this president was forced to put $5 in a jar for every time he told an baldfaced lie, we would have to have 
"Son Of Stimulus II" because, like everything else he does, he would be paying with our tax dollars!

From the 2309 page Obama-care scam, the "We'll have to pass it so we can see what's in it!", from the heiress known as brainless, Pelosi.
The "Pass this bill, Pass this bill, Pass this bill!", which has been purposely misnamed "Jobs" bill and is as yet unwritten should be called "Here is another big sack of money for helping get me elected".
The disastrous Dodd-Frank bill from the same people that brought us the housing collapse helping the world-wide economic breakdown. Barney Frank should be getting ready for his parole hearing instead of wallowing around his brothel in Connecticut or passing gas in D.C.

Acorn is still around but under another name and I'm sure Mickey Mouse & Babe Ruth will be voting many times over again in 2012. 
Fanny & Freddie are still being given major money and trying to give loans for houses to people that have no job, no credit & no wherewithal. 
Joe Biden is running around spouting that there will be more murders, robberies and rapes if the "Jobs Bill" isn't passed.
Unbelievable...Where is the Republican outrage? Biden's becoming more unhinged everyday and I'm sure he and Pelosi will be perfect cell mates at the "Home for the Criminally insane"!

The Left's scatter-gun approach to taking over the country has yet to be seriously handled by the Rightwing, conservative circles. 

Conservatives need a spokesperson. Someone to grab the reins and pull the leaders of the Right together. Newt Gingrich could do it. Herman Cain may be too nice a person to make 'em line up and listen. LTC Alan West from Florida could do it and have them on their feet and cheering.
The Left WANTS us to run Romney (He's Obama lite!) and just another idea dodging professional politician.
Even the NY Times is touting him as the candidate.
First they wanted us to run Huntsman and now the 2nd most beatable Republican Romney...He can't hold up to the Hell that these Left wing tyrant wannabees are gonna throw at him. Instead of flip-flopping on issues they'll have him spinning like a top. Gingrich, Cain and Bachman or Santorum (Don't know why he's not higher in the polls) would turn him back into the community Dis-organizer!

The gun-running stupidity is cause enough to remove a few high office holders (Pun intended!) from this  Administration. 
Why does it take weeks or months of maneuvering and tactics to get answers?
In this age of instant information somebody should be up on charges.
If I buy a can of peas at the grocery store the computers instantly know it's gone from the shelf and how many more are in stock. 
These clowns in the DOJ let hundreds of assault weapons go across the border to major criminals and are saying they didn't know about it? The excuse is "We forgot to follow up"?
Forget Roger Clemens and whether or not he lied under oath about taking steroids, get Eric Holder and the next 15 people down the chain to answer questions today!

It should be noticed by all that there needs to be fewer bureaucrats between getting these people to answer for their actions or inactions in Washington. 
A thinning of the herd so to speak. I used to look askance when the nightly news would show some Asian Parliament throwing punches and knocking over furniture
but today I feel that if we start jerking these jerks around the room by their hair they'd apologize and straighten up this mess they've made!