Thursday, October 13, 2011

Voters Do Your Stuff!


I'm a retired musician and If I haven't seen it all I've certainly seen more than enough. 
Watching these elected clowns in Washington give smiles and pats-on-the-back to the President of one of the most corrupt, graft-driven Administrations in our history and do it by design and organized group-think, is more than any citizen should be asked to bear!
Praising the Wall Street Occupier mob is just another example of their absurd, wrong headed group decisions.

These political boot-licks, these dishonorable leftist liberal elite should be strung up on Main Street and caned (Or make that CAINED as in Herman!) for their utter disregard of their countrymen and lack of respect for the Constitution and Federal laws.
These antiquated political hacks are not only at complete odds with the will of their countrymen but they have a cockiness that deserves a well-rounded ass-kicking!
I don't mean an impeachment or a chastisement, lecture or good talking to…
I mean and old fashioned punch-in-the-mouth, knock-your-block-off, ass-kicking! 

From Obama and all the way to the very bottom of their scheming regime they have exhausted all hope for a quorum to agree with their calculated, misguided operations. Yet they continue to stamp their feet and try to start an "us vs them" war!

Sure, there's still a handful of followers/worshipers that can't bring themselves to admit they were taken in by this band of liars but all in all the "transparency" that was promised is that most can see through their smug guile! 

Future writers will treat them as what they are…proof positive that humans didn't really evolve and an aberration in what was an exceptional country's history.