Saturday, October 1, 2011

You Can Do It!


Why are there not calls from both Houses for Barack OBama's resignation from the office of the Presidency?
Both Nixon and Clinton were battered endlessly for "crimes" that are comparative child's play to the corruption, deceptions, under-handed manipulation and outright stupidity of this regime. (Yes, stupidity should be a reason for seizing the reins too!)

This is political correctness running amok from the MSM as well as both Houses.
If the opposition to this President is waiting for him to self-destruct, he already has…a dozen times over.
The border, "fast & furious", The GM Volt debacle, Solyndra, Union pay backs, Obamacare lies, Leftist loon appointments in the DOJ and as "czars", never-ending catastrophic economic decisions and on and on…
With all of the man-made disasters that he and his administration instigated and put forth with gusto and the belief that they could keep the destruction going by starting the class warfare game on the successful, one would think that it was time to put a stop to it!
Instead of having to constantly bail water from the boat, why not stop the guy that's kicking holes in it?

Having Biden move up for a year isn't the worst that could happen. His being the first in this bunch to take some blame was a stand out for this dismal group of semi-educated numb skulls.
 A more frightening thought is that it wasn't THAT long ago that Nancy Pelosi was 2 steps from the Oval Office!

In these times, November of 2012 is too long to wait.

Just do it!