Friday, December 9, 2011

The dog ate my memo!

It's not just Obama-care, the stimulus, favors for vote stealers, Sinking employment picture, forced light bulb change, lack of jobs, the Chevy Volt, the class warfare, the dream of putting us on equal footing with Somalia or even the dream of giving the USA it's comeuppance by bringing it down...

An addition to my post on 11/19/2011

Those good old Dino-Craps just keep wallowing in the manure pile with their bad behavior and then blaming others for the stench!

6 Chicago Governors have been charged with crimes and 4 have actually gone to jail on corruption charges. 3 of the 4 were democrats.
Not only do they choose to conjugate the dumbest ideas on the planet but they continue to give "NON" answers on the part that they play in the stupidity of it all. When their dumbness turns to tragedy as it inevitably does, they answer as if they were 4 years old, throwing a ball in the house and broke a coffee cup. I.e.,  "I didn't do it!"

But it's not a broken coffee cup!

People have lost their homes...farms...their fortunes...their sanity and some, their lives from these nefarious criminals trying to outsmart the Constitution and the populous.
To continue my list of offenders add, Jon Corzine (Democrat), Ex-CEO of Goldman-Sachs...Ex Senator and Ex Governor of New Jersey.
  As CEO of his own start-up Company, MF Global, he was at the helm when it went belly-up in October of 2011.
His answer in front of a Congressional Committee to a question concerning a missing $1.2 BILLION of shareholder dollars is, "I don't know where it is!"
Add him to the incomplete list of:
Not just Liars all but gutless worms that won't admit fault!
Eric Holder
Barack H. Obama
Barney Frank
Steven Chu
John Kerry
Chris Dodds
Bill Clinton
Ted Kennedy
Al Gore
Jon Corzine
Though Kennedy is dead, I'm sure he's been given a high ranking job in Hell!