Sunday, February 12, 2012

BO: Conniver-in-Chief


This Chicago thug Administration didn't back down from it's anti-religion mandate.
It was a ploy…a slight of hand! Keep your mind on the idea not on the smoke.

Appearing to back down from the unified anger of pro-lifers and Christian doctrine everywhere it was passed on to the health insurance companies to have to foot the bill without raising rates. This has exactly the same Constitutional ramifications as making the church groups pay for their employee's contraception. However it seems ok because the Insurance companies are less visible and they are the heartless, money-grubbing rich anyway and that was this Administration's scheme all along.

Now let's ponder this a little more.
Number one and most importantly we're talking about employer/employee health costs.
Number two we're talking about covering the cost of reproduction/contraception.

 A person that is obviously employed and therefore earning a salary can afford condoms or the $10 to $40 "morning after pill". A University in Pennsylvania has made them accessible via vending machine for $25! This is not an unforeseen disaster like liver transplant or heart rebuilding.
You can pick up an "I partied to much with a guy I just met at the Sports Bar" pills free at Health Clinics! 
Because, as it says on the "Planned Parenthood" website, "Accidents will happen!"
So why even try to mandate this when it should be personal responsibility? Why should taxpayers have to shell out even more?

That's right boys and girls this is all about ABORTION being included and connected at the hip to the Obama-care dictate!

When is Congress…our-elected-elite…going to step in and do it's job?