Friday, February 3, 2012

"Didn't know" is not an excuse!

I don't know who's worse, the inept Eric Holder or the inept President that is overseeing the destruction of the country.

Why does it take so long to take these chowderheads to task for the blunders they make?

Congress rakes sports figures over the coals for doing steroids and lying about it, and yet a politician appointee can pull bonehead political ploys that get people killed and we have to go through months of questioning beyond the need to hear the truth and have this coward admit it!  We let them hide behind the Constitution then allow them to tear it up when back in the office! 

I watched the oval-office-simpleton a few hours ago lying about jobs and how Jesus wants him to raise taxes. 
That's what you get when you spend 20 years in the church of Reverend "WRONG"! Even if he didn't listen to him for 20 years, he must have been rubbed the "WRONG" way...because every decision he makes is WRONG! Having Eric Holder on your team is WRONG...the Chevy VOLT is WRONG...Obozocare is WRONG...I could go on and on...

They've had their day to get 'em outta here!