Tuesday, May 15, 2012

An Army of the angry

* "armed with only STICKY NOTES!"

Seen on a gas pump in New Jersey:

 Prices not high enough?

 Vote for Obama           
 and the Dems again!        

(Put 'em everywhere)
Put them where the disinterested can see them.

There are many passionate Conservatives who don't need this message but there are millions of people who are completely disinterested or totally ignorant of  our Country 
sliding into the abyss by the design of these leftist hacks! 
Put these sticky notes where the people who don't watch the news can see them. 
Grocery carts...gas pumps...egg cartons at the market...
On the table at the Dr's office...window at the meat market etc
You get the idea.
We can reach more people than MSNBC/ABC/CNN combined 
if we all do it!