Thursday, June 21, 2012



It looks to me like O'BamBam has handcuffed himself to Eric Holder and the wretched, anti-American ways they have brought forth are gonna sink the both of them and the rest of the Democrat party for at least this upcoming election. 

Pelosi, Harry Reid, Valerie Jarret, Axelrod and that whole Chicago thug-ocracy will be lucky if they're not set upon by the citizens as Mussolini was in the '40s.

The only one that may come out of it intact will be the Vice-President who will be looked at like the alcoholic brother-in-law who keeps falling asleep with his face in the mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving. There's nothing sinister about him, like the others...he's just "Along-for-the-ridin'" dopey, Joe Biden.

Nothing would surprise me though...any group that would get together behind closed doors and come up with a plan as idiotic and dangerous as "F&F" are capable
of anything to keep their hands on the power switch, from financing a terrorist act on American soil to burning down the White House just to stay in office.

We don't have to shoot 'em, hang 'em or even give them trials!
Just send them home to Chicago, where there are more killings on any given weekend than there are in Kabul...