Monday, June 11, 2012

Time to Take a Stand!

I don't know why this pretender is fund raising and trying to be RE-elected...he could be president NOW if he knew how!

Christians...non-Christians, Tea Party folks...Americans...those that believe in American Democracy...
Any and everybody that believe you work to get ahead...that work is the price you pay to be free...That work is duty...That you don't penalize the successful to subsidize the non-productive.
We must unite to defeat this idiocy that has happened!
The main point of Democracy is the people decide their own fate...and we elect officials to make sure they uphold the rules NOT to rewrite the book!

We've become complacent and let the dregs elect the dreg supporters!
We've taken too much for granted, this being free and having the best life on the planet.
I've traveled to a large part of the world...I've seen it.
We've got the best of it all because of "nose to the grindstone" work and trial and error and honor and FREEDOM!
Not because "Big Brother" is paying our way.
Each American generation has risen above where they started
The poverty stricken anywhere else are trying to scrape together enough to cover their heads in a storm...
HERE what they call "The poor" have cell phones, flat screen TVs, the internet, refrigerators and checks in the mail!
We've had it too good for too long because others have fought and died to keep us free! Now these jelly-brains are trying to take it away in one Presidential term.

All that's asked is get out and vote with IDENTIFICATION! Not just to OUT this chowderhead in the White House but starting at the State and city levels!
Get rid of the driftwood in Congress.

It Is All Important!
I'll hold my nose and vote for Howdy Doody if he would take a stand against this entitlement society that wants to give contraceptives to 12 year olds
and apologize to the Muslims while they kill American soldiers and Christians!

Write your congressmen and demand answers or take them to the woodshed next November.