Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pondering the Proletariat...

I get the same dull-witted responses from the hackneyed lackeys aboard the Obama follower's ship of toadies. 
When I question the lack of statesmanship, workmanship and honesty of this President and his hand picked charlatans after three and 3/4 years of worldwide documented lies, back stabbing of allies, his bowing and scraping to enemies; the response from "The other side" is something about "WMDs" not being found or their famous 4-letter word mantra:

When I list his fund raising kickbacks and underhanded, buy-out cronyism, his contempt of the United States, not to mention his ineptness at the simplest tasks of world diplomacy, some Bozo will respond with, "It sounds like you're describing Romney to me…".

As I said, world wide news gatherers from Bar Harbor, Maine to San Diego and London to Oslo have documented my arguments with this President's lack of expertise beyond reading a speech from a teleprompter. 
(I'm not going to do your work for you, look it up yourself!)
The Leftist Obama loon's job is to explain to everybody how much worse Romney would be at getting the country back to work and on an even keel and why the "Chicago Charlatan" is a better choice. 

(We can't hold our breath waiting for a decisive answer…it'll take too long for them to overcome their agenda.)

Lets just send them packing (keep your eye on the silverware)!
I know he'll lose his flexibility with Putin if he's not re-elected but lets take that chance, shall we?