Friday, August 3, 2012

I'm Offended!

To whom it may concern,

The latest Legislative Update is as depressing to read as I'm sure it is in "real life" Washington, D.C. these days.
As evidenced by the missive we've bureaucratized ourselves into massive gridlock by trying to level the playing field for everyone in the world and when we start grading "on the curve" at home everybody turns out average.
We've lost our spiritual foundation along with the work ethic that made the USA and it is folly to prolong this method of entitlement life for all.

Being in the music business for over 50 years, I learned early on that if everyone had an equal voice in the decision making, we wouldn't be able to decide what color socks we should wear on a given night. There has to be a voice of reason even in a Democracy. Here truly is where less is more.

We are living at a time when anything goes.
We are living in an age of treason.
Treason: #3. the betrayal of a trust or confidencebreach of faithtreachery. )
We are in an age where we oppress the good and elevate the bad: right or wrong, work or shirk, God-loving or atheist, believer or agnostic, Patriot or anarchist, Democracy or entitlement state...
We have been given larger and larger doses of it for so long it's accepted as the "only way", i.e. The "thinking elite" way!
Movies and TV (nearly every person's mental escape valves) have pounded into us on a daily basis that good is bad and bad is fine if that's your preference.
"How low can you go?"

The CEO of Chic-fil-a makes a non-offensive statement about his beliefs and several Mayors of major cities try to shout him out of his 1st amendment rights, the media tries to spin him as a homophobe, racist and leftist pin-heads start calling in bomb scares! This insanely dumb castigation of the fast food restaurant simply takes a darker step into the abyss of "politically correct" morass.
I, for one, am offended by many things I see.
Do I then have the right to go to court to have them remove all commercials from TV, radio and billboards? Those disgusting ads for adhesives to hold in false teeth that are aired right at the dinner hour? Stomach distress goop sold in vivid pink with a full contingent of burping actors to prove the distress?
Canines wrecking the house for "fake bacon"?
Can I stop those hideous political advertisements where they lie to our face about their platform... What they'll do once they're elected... Likewise, a President surrounding himself with power "czars" that can make decisions benefitting their ideas and beliefs without having to account for their actions!
This, too, offends me.

I know there are many of us offended by loud guitar playing!
...By Wanda Sykes ...Barney Frank...Joan Rivers...Robert Gibbs...the ACLU...Michael Moore laughing all the way to his bank in Switzerland... These are all very offensive to many!
Most importantly they offend me!
Al Gore and his superiority stance of "do as I say, not as I do" credo and his "made up" science...judges who let pedophiles and wife beaters off with a light sentence and this Government's complete disregard of the American people.
Can I have them removed please?
I'm offended!

If one person can get a Cross taken down in the desert, then 10,000 carnivores and a meat-eating judge should be able to take down the ads for vegetarian restaurants---cookbooks off the shelves, et al... conversely and evidently one vegetarian can cause enough problems to get beef or any meat removed from menus in schools across the country. Coming soon to a public school near you: meatless Mondays!
I'm not trying to be judgmental here, I'm just saying.

What is getting my anger in gear is taking the freedoms that built this country and dismantling them to where we're on an equal footing with the 3rd world. Allowing us to be man-handled into the Government solving every person's problems and removing the incentives to live a life to the fullest...
When I see those in government, both locally and in Washington, spend and tax and come up each day with new ways to spend and tax—health care, cap and trade, etc.—I think: Why aren't they worried about the impact of what they're doing? The only sane rule of thumb in Washington should be popular support and a bipartisan majority, before approving an initiative that significantly affects tens of millions of Americans.

If millions of citizens are upset---offended---disturbed---and feel like this Administration is way out of their jurisdiction for changing the Constitution, holding behind-closed-door meetings to ram-rod unpopular bills through by hook or crook and twisting facts and figures into outright lies to "FORCE" their agenda on us, then we too can, under the ever-popular
"I'M OFFENDED BY fill in blank " mantra, kick their collective aloof, conspiratorial, conniving, lying asses
(an 'ass' being their chosen mascot!) out of Government.
I don't mean impeachment!

I'm offended by a president being elected on his lies and smoke and mirrors!
I'm offended that this President is either certifiably inept or purposefully destroying America.
I'm offended by this Administration bribing their own party members with tax dollars to get the vote on Obama-care!
I'm offended by their party members knowingly taking Federal bribes to vote on things that are against what the majority of their own constituents want.
These glib, thankless pinheads with hands outstretched and reaching for a tip, like a doorman at a strip club, are elected to represent the people.
They are not elected to rewrite the rules, they're supposed to represent us!
The pipe dream of "Mister Smith Goes to Washington" has been shoved aside by "The Chicago Mafia does Washington"!

A military coup is too good for the likes of this band of oligarchs... 
I'm thinking more along the lines of the townspeople heading to Dr. Frankenstein's castle with lanterns and pitchforks with serious upheaval on their minds!
...and marching Reid, Pelosi, Obama, and others with their "Superiority Complex", as in the old days of corrupt politicians or carpetbaggers being caught, tarring and feathering them... setting them on horses backwards and whipping the horses to run them out of town.

Then we re-light the torches and head for those that are trying to re-write our developing History…