Monday, August 20, 2012

Vote: Hell no!


Obama/Biden = Hype/Chains

We've got to stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zone, 
Because as Mark Steyn so chillingly wrote recently: "This election represents the last exit ramp before the death spiral."
The perfect and essential IDs of the candidates:
 "The Pay Check President or the Food Stamp President"?
Yes, Barack Hussein Obama has done great harm to our country, but he is not the primary cause of America’s current malaise, we are. 
And if we have messed things up, then by God’s grace, we can turn them around.

#1 Look, you've got to pay attention...
Like the protection rackets in 1920 Chicago, we send billions to people that want us dead and tell our allies to find another friend!
Our Department of Justice sent thousands of weapons to the drug cartels.
A high percentage of our citizens think it's ok to use abortion as birth control.

The Administration is like a teenaged burglar with a stolen credit card and meanwhile Congress wastes time and money to bring a baseball player to the carpet because they say he lied to Congress.  A Congress that is so populated with liars and unscrupulous characters that I think the Capital building in Washington, DC may be the FBI's witness protection hideout. 
They spent millions on bringing him before Congress, they wasted time for a lot of people and they lost anyway!
Don't get me started on the DOJ letting high ranking Democrat, Obama bundler and ex-Governor Corzine of New Jersey off the hook along with higher-ups in his investment company after they "couldn't find" and "didn't know what happened to" a BILLION and a half dollars of investor's money! Now he's back bundling money for the Democrats. 
The Black Panthers are threatening to "kill white babies" if Obama's not returned to his "Tyrant's Chair" and those responsible for "Fast and Furious" still go unpunished!

The term "Bully Pulpit" is a term meaning that an incumbent has a powerful place of authority to give opinions and ability to speak out on any issue.
It doesn't mean to "bully" your opponents by lying, humiliation, insults and enlisting more chicanery and trickle down snooping to dig up dirt 40 years prior when  the opposition  was in pre-school. The constant of giving untrue, vile statements because you have the podium, a mic and the backing of the insidious Leftist millionaires (Pelosi, Kerry, Reid, Kennedys, Soros, et al) along with hand-picked, psuedo-intellectuals who crawled out of their cocoon of University pomp to write teleprompter speeches, make Israel an easier target and get the price of gas "to skyrocket"!

They stupidly try to connect a woman's tragic cancer death to Mitt Romney and Bain Capitol while this administration's policies have disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of families. 

Taking a toll on families across this nation are joblessness, gas and food "prices skyrocketing", the over-regulation of business to its demise, the Obama-care debacle, changing the voter ID rules, trying to cut funding for our Military and security as our supposed allies are shooting our loved ones in the back in Afghanistan, forcing religious groups to fund Abortion and contraception against their doctrine , showering the country with illegals and the insidious hate of the groups that are applauding this anti-Constitution bulldozing President!

What we have now are divorces and separations out of the sheer frustration of husbands and/or wives being jobless. 
Sittin with head in hands, at wits end and having harsh words about who's at fault.
Children and future generations losing their future thanks to Government spending above its income.
 50% of the population is on the dole and the Government is hiring more IRS agents to administrate the higher taxes to pay for the non-productive and make sure Obama-care is implemented as small businesses go under and the fines taxes are levied.

This Administration has shown for the hundred and umpteenth time its lack of character, lack of decency and lack of sense simply in order to push through an agenda to gain the power of control over the masses. 
They know their base (and base is the perfect name for them)! 
Worse still is the Government assuming that we can't do right for OURSELVES and that they know best.
Surely there are more than 50% of us that can see what they are doing IS WRONG, ILLEGAL and DISASTROUS!
It's now up to us...WE THE PEOPLE!

Don't let history write us off as "dumbed down"!
Send these welfare pimps back to the closet...
on this seat in the Liberal trip to "Hell in their hand basket!"