Wednesday, September 26, 2012


 My friends,

We all know that we are dealing with the Left. 
These are NOT your parents Democrats...they are not even the Clinton Democrats!
This breed is an unscrupulous, lying, hypocritical group that is along the same lines as the Mexican drug cartels or even worse, the anchors and staff at MSNBC.
 As ever ready to cut a throat or lick a boot if making up falsehoods 
and rewriting to tilt the news doesn't get the job done.

The current elected Libs are living a lie because they can't possibly believe the rubbish this Administration is throwing at us. 
The few times someone has stood up and said something against the grain of the Chicago thug political party they got that threatening phone call. That threat is now known as being Corey "Bookered" from the same named Dem mayor who had the audacity to speak his mind against fabrications against Bain Capital and challenger Romney and got the call from his own party. 
("That's a nice family you got there…be a shame if something happened to it!")
 Chicago politics rears it's ugly head.

From announcing the turning loose of 55 detainees out of Gitmo about 24 hours after a Gitmo released detainee led the group that attacked and killed our Ambassador to Libya and several in our Embassy, to putting a woman on the DNC stage that last year wanted "Government out of her bedroom" but this year demands a condom dispenser paid for by the taxpayers in her bathroom and an abortion Doctor on call. 
Do you think Sandra Fluke or Cher knows more than you about your life and your place in the world?
Does Madonna? Bill Maher? Nancy Pelosi? Harry Belafonte? The Muslims? Alan Colmes?
Joe Biden? Bill Ayres? Maxine Waters? 

The DOJ helped send an entire armory of weapons across the border purposely and then claimed to know nothing about it!  Even when they were caught red-handed with a border patrol agent and hundreds of Mexican citizens massacred! 
 Eric Holder got the President to use the "Executive privilege" excuse for something he claims he knew nothing about?

I can't possibly list all the KNOWN acts from stupidity to treasonous that this Administration has in play nor what is unknown or under the radar in their "Take Over America" playbook. 
It's easy enough to say we have to clean house to remove the roaches from the woodwork but it'll be more difficult to actually do it.

#1 In order to bring the country back from the brink of disaster we've got to get a Republican in the White House starting in January 2013!

#2 We must retain the advantage in the House and vote more Republicans into having the advantage in Congress.

This is the only way we can undo the travesties these chowderheads bamboozled through. 
Work must start on controlling entitlements---dismantle Dodd/Frank---start on a serious tax reform---throw out ObamaCare and rework health care---There is much to do.
In order for any of it to happen we must beware of:

A. Pompous Conservative Republicans who are questioning every thing that Mitt Romney says.
He went through all the debates and was the last man standing, now is NOT the time to 2nd guess, on main stream TV, how he's doing it wrong or he shouldn't have said that! If you think he needs help then volunteer to be on the team otherwise BUTT OUT!
B. Voting fraud
C. vote counting fraud
D. polling place intimidation
E. The unscrupulous media declaring a winner before the votes are even in to make you decide to just stay home.
In years past they have declared winners before the Western parts of the country had even started toward the polls.
They've gotten it wrong many times!
F. Don't let them talk/trick you into NOT VOTING!

On November 6, 2012 do something positive for your country!

Earn the space you take up and the air you breathe!

Yes I approved this message!