Sunday, September 2, 2012

How low can they go?


How ludicrous can the left be with its voter ID stupidity?
Do they really think they are fooling anyone with this gambit to let anyone who steps into a polling place, say a vacationing family from Portugal, have a vote (or five or six) for President of the USA?

If there is no need to ban the unidentified from voting then why an ID to enter an Obama fund raiser, to buy alcohol or the need of a light making your car tag visible at night? You can't get a car tag w/o an ID!

Why do you need to be known when renting a car, getting a loan, buying a plane ticket or borrowing a book from the library? 
Lets let anonymity prevail like the zanies that fill the comment columns on the internet with profane rhetoric. We can all vote as many times as we want in any state we can get to and fill out all the  absentee ballots we can get our hands on.
How stupid!
How Al Franken!
How Democrat! 
How Alan Colmes!