Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ships deserting a sinking rat!

As the election draws closer, liberal/progressive’s lies will grow more desperate. They can’t defend the president’s record, which is why they don’t even try; they can’t offer a positive agenda for the future, so they haven't even bothered. 
All they have are childish slogans and pranks that would make junior high school students shake their heads and grimace.
 Anyone paying attention to Jo and BO on the stump between debates would have to think that
this was to elect a president of a lackluster fraternity at a High School shoplifter's guild!

Since BO's community of "hope-fools" are the thoughtless peer followers who think he's cool, he delivers his speeches not with a plan but railing at and lying about his opponents plan.
Romney said he was sent "binders" full of qualified women to work in his administration.
They tried to hone in on this as "anti-womanhood" until the actual women that sent those resumes and were hired came forward to tell their true stories about higher positions held by more women working in then Governor Romney's Administration than in any other state in the Union!

Romney's saying he would slash entitlements to ($billionaire) Big Bird and his cohorts from tax payer pockets was enough to keep the President's speech writers molting for several weeks.

Both "Plugs" Biden and "I've done plenty of Nuttin'" BO have nothing accomplished so their tactic is to use the Bill Maher/Chris Matthews/high school strategy of name calling and trying to make the Romney mountain into a molehill with an eyedropper.

It may work for the President's sophomoric, sycophant followers but by November 7 those White House residents will be shopping for new luggage...
(Somebody keep your eye on the silverware!)