Saturday, October 6, 2012

Why would anyone want to be tolerant of, let alone vote for, a party of such low moral behavior?
Low pigment (is it politically incorrect to say "PIG"ment, 
free Obam-Bam phones?

I would guess that given enough time all political affiliations can be found to be carrying, within it's human members, personal baggage that goes against the grain of what is considered straight and proper behavior. I'm talking about the usual side occupations of politicians crimes of perjury, money laundering and taking bribes. These have their own set of political fans and the list of those that have dipped into the cookie jar are many and varied.
However it is my contention that the Democrats get to the podium most often and hold the highest awards for the title of "Scum of Weak" with decisions made outside of simply taking bribes from lobbyists or finding a lucrative deal on land before the announcement of it being sold to build factories or upscale condos!