Wednesday, November 7, 2012

BO wins...WE lose!


I don't know whether to blame main stream media or the same public idiots that freed OJ Simpson, reelected hooker chasing, crack smokin,' Marion Barry  and that reelected indicted, still at the Mayo Clinic; Jesse Jackson Jr.  
Just last night voters dividedly gave BO a second 4 year term and mandate to continue ruining our energy policy so that prices will "Necessarily skyrocket" and desert our only ally in the MidEast , Israel, to be annihilated while the Muslim Brotherhood has an open invitation at the White House. 
Not to mention dozens of other things we despise about him.

Did the Evangelicals come to vote en masse? The Catholics? The Military and Veterans?

Those with an IQ above 80? Those who don't get or want Government entitlement checks? Those that fear our loss of freedoms?

Because of Obamacare more layoffs are coming and full time workers will suddenly be only getting 30 hours a week. Everyone's taxes will also be going up, especially the middle class to pay for the whims of this man-child.

Couch potatoes will get more and workers will pay more to support them.
Disabilities will rise under the "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" clause.
Now that he has more "flexibility" just what is he giving Russia this time—Alaska?

We're like the soldiers of WWII that surrender to the Japanese soldiers in the South Pacific thinking we'll just be POWs and at least get a rest from the jungles, bombs and killing but then are forced to kneel in front of our personally dug holes in the ground and then shot in the back of the head!

Along with America's obesity problem evidently comes stupidity and masochism!