Friday, November 2, 2012

They're in the Perimeter Man!

Is "Sandy" the October surprise?

I thought B H Obama would attack Iran at the last minute to gain voter momentum...and at the very least this inept Administration and the left will blame the storm for his landslide ouster.
It was coming anyway, voter fraud from the left not withstanding.

He has succeeded at nothing in 4 years...

Valerie Jarrett made the decision to get Bin Laden finally so she gets those points. She was also probably to blame for the Benghazi deaths to keep her golden boy free of image taint!

Too late!
They both gotta go down, along with the dozens of anti-American add-ons that this buffoon of a President named as czars and thought mongers.

Romney/Ryan are going to need a super insect repellant to clean out the webs of deceit in this White House!

I would think they've already started...