Friday, January 25, 2013



You might point anyone you know on our side toward this excellent piece about helping rally folks to take the US back from people that were indoctrinated in Socialism in the bumbling Ivy league schools of the North East, 25-30 years ago.

Everything below this sentence was written this morning before I decided to post the site above...
It's a longer piece but better written maybe than what I say here.

Since spending 3 days writing the piece posted on my blog titled "Stand and Fight" (posted 1/20) concerning the
lack of leadership in the GOP & Conservative politicians, I've seen quite a few other articles and view points saying somewhat the same.
Mine also was meant to fire up Christian Conservatives and any working, tax paying unhappy citizen to not give up the ship.
Mainly because the 'Dems' have pooled together and are systematically beating us down with tactics that only people with no morals or scruples would use...lies, threats, intimidation and like Hillary yesterday at the Benghazi hearings, 
skating around the mostly impotent senators from both sides and not giving up any information at all.
You'd think it was a testimonial dinner because there was more praise than pointed questions concerning four dead Americans assassinated by Muslim terrorists. 

Rand Paul was outspoken and McCain said he wasn't happy with her answers...a few others had some comments but she mainly danced around, said she accepted responsibility but never even said the lies about a video being the cause was untrue  (The guy that made the video that nobody saw is the only one in jail!!!).
 She never said the names of whoever told the military rescuers to STAND DOWN or by whom the Ambassadors plea for more security was refused!
She talked about "lack of funding" yet $500 million was thrown away on Solyndra that went belly-up a year later. Millions more on failed "green Companies self chosen by the charlatan in the White House and his band of aging radical hippies of the past.

What I didn't get across in my piece is that we've got to use every tactic to smother this taking over of America.
If someone can write, Write! Start a blog! Anybody that feels comfortable speaking on a stage, SPEAK! 
We need publications to help rally...we need comedians to laugh and point at the stupidity of letting them take our freedoms, children's future and the sending of 16 fighter jets to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt!
We need Churches to speak to the bombardment of Christian ideals! 

People to write to their Senators and State Representatives. It's easy to send them e-mails at
Any and everything we can think of to stomp this fire out!

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