Sunday, January 20, 2013


 I don't get why the GOP is circling the wagons on these many attacks this President and Administration are bringing to the table. 
If the GOP is simply going to pretend to go against this Administration and make a spectacle of being opposed, only to surrender and capitulate, it only makes Obama stronger. 
He's just barking orders from his throne room!

It makes me physically ill that my side can't stand up to this without cowering and caving. 

Conservatives are in disarray and are surrendering to the other side's bombardment of King-like executive orders with flanking movements of media bias and the constant ridicule of Conservative ideals from spokes-people from Hollywood and so-called comedy shows.
It's as if the libs all got together, behind closed doors and the shades pulled down, organized their efforts toward a big Government and assigned roles to play in the takeover.
Well they did!
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The Republicans have House Speaker John Boehner and Mitch McConnell at the mic in interviews trying to be reasonable, with furrowed foreheads of concern. 
Instead of just railing at the unjust behavior (Rush Limbaugh) and the pandering, "fair and balanced" (Bill O'Reilly) and biz-as-usual politicians who are preaching to the choir; we need to be broaching every side of this insidious take-over.

We are not in the minority, THEY are, but millions of Conservative thinkers are adrift.
One of the bright spots is that there is also the Conservative internet blog world with millions of readers and daily followers and sane, lucid writers. 
There are also soft/moderate Democrats who can see that light if it's presented in the form they need to access it, but it's not enough
FOX News may win the ratings war but together; ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC  & CNN trounce FOX  mightily.

This whole Administration should be taken to task on Benghazi, gun running to drug cartels in Mexico, tax insanity, voter ID fraud, bungled Middle East policies, constant assault on the Constitution, Obama's cap-and-trade program, his ObamaCare contraceptive mandate, recess appointments, allowing illegal immigrants to get Government financial aid, refusal to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, weakening of welfare work requirements, and his ordering US military strikes on Libya without congressional authority and much, much more!

Wealthy Conservative investors should be investing in outlets to inform the populace of what is happening in Washington and the human disasters that lie a few years (months?) down the road.

We should also be seen pointing and laughing at the stupidity of Nancy Pelosi's drivel, Harry Reid's single minded lack of cooperation in the Senate and the pork added to the Hurricane Sandy aid bill.
They have it fixed so that the "headline news" is the opposite of true, 

I grant you that in the past this would not be made into a running joke, however all sense of protocol went away with the election twice of an incompetent by the uninformed. (Plus, a lot of voter fraud)
Misdirection by his media backers that is constantly happening. 
Why such a flood of tripe about  a college player's girlfriend hoax or another athlete lying then admitting to performance enhancing drugs? (He's a "bicyclist" and it blankets the ABC, CBS, NBC news coverage while the country is nearly in a 2nd Civil War!) 
Is it more important than Americans assassinated by Muslim terrorists because of Obama's soft policies in the Middle East? 
(I'm sorry, did I use the word TERRORIST?)

All reasonableness went away with Michael Moore, Bill Maher, Jon Stewart and David Letterman using their First Amendment rights to castigate and make jokes about other Amendments and using insults as comedy to ridicule Christian conservatives as dunces from fly-over country. 
Al Gore's deal with Al-Jazeera may or may not be illegal but it's certainly a valid place to point and question his patriotism, if only for the attention on a questionable, nearly treasonous act for the accumulation of more wealth.
There has to be more than just talking points and reason. 
There has to be legal action against them. 
This isn't Washington's give a little, get a little. The GOP is being intentionally and systematically destroyed by an enemy.

We lost in November because of the messaging not the message!
We lost in November because they have rallied their army of Orcs and GOP leaders are relying on the handshakes of the "Good old boys" of yesteryear...