Sunday, February 17, 2013

Rats and mice in the walls...


The practiced left-wing scatter-shot idiocy is firing at everything with an approach hoping to use ridicule and insult to create misdirection to take down anyone who questions their infantile policies and brain numbing falsehoods. 

After years of bombastic lies, false promises, illegal executive orders, personal insults, name calling and an undeniable false narrative, this pack of low grade hacks go after 
Dr. Benjamin Carson for his remarks at the Prayer Breakfast in front of lower grade hack #1, Obama.
Deeming his remarks "inappropriate" at the Prayer Breakfast or an insult to say them in front of BO.
 A man stands and gives a heart-felt, coherent, well modulated talk with simple answers (w/o teleprompter) to the monstrously inept policies brought forth by this administration and it's surrounding braying jackasses and he's taken to task for "being inappropriate" at the Prayer Breakfast.

Well, what better place than a Prayer Breakfast? 

 I'm sure most of those heathens didn't come for anything more than a photo-op
 but the good Doctor prefaced his talk with his source for his remarks and quotes from the Bible.
CNN even had a Candy Crowley moderated panel to discuss whether Dr Carson's talk was out of place.
Why? Because Obama had to sit there and take it. I'm surprised he didn't cover his ears and scream, "I'M IN CHARGE SO DON'T CONFUSE ME WITH FACTS!"

A few days later:
As though on cue, the sip of water by Senator Rubio during his SOTU comments after BO's (more and higher taxes) speech became harpy headlines reading, "Is his career over?"
Proving once again that CNN would rather cover the man's thirst (last count 155 times) from being under hot lights and how awkward it looked rather than the substance of his words. 
They'll shamelessly carry BO's water this lame-stream-media though. Through thin and thinner times...
 With the Middle-East policy in shambles, the health care debacle crumbling our medical infrastructure, running guns to Mexico
with E. Holder's Department of "in"justice, getting f-16 fighter jets to the Muslim Brotherhood while trying to destroy 2nd amendment rights here at home
Yet the liberal, leftist media will excuse Obama's disasters while he muddles up the lives of 331,000,000 people and weakens our Country.

He's off playing golf now and all you need to play good golf is a good lie!
He should be GREAT by now!