Friday, April 19, 2013

World's Problems can be traced right here!

He doesn't do math and he's not an economist!

He's not a diplomat!

He's isn't a leader!

He, like a crime city mobster, has surrounded himself with like-minded thugs to do his dirty work thereby keeping his hands clean! Thugs who are given Carte Blanch to pass ordinances, write bills and fine anyone who doesn't want Mao with their sandwich.

Case in point would be Kathleen Sebelius who reminds one of Eva Braune crossed with Rene Richards, the transgendered tennis failure, running our Health & Human Services system (badly).

Eric Holder, a top level racist running the "DOJ" (badly)

John Kerry: Tax dodger and treasonous military coward moved up to "Secretery of State" begging China for assistance with N. Korea and giving millions to the Egyptian Brotherhood, not to mention F-16 fighter jets!.

As for Obama, his most ardent position isn't constructing a better USA it's dismantling the fabric through racial divide, wealth envy and forced Political correctness by altering the language of the land.
Taking the missile defense system down that protected our Northern European allies and was also in proximity to North Korea, Iran & Russia, the result of his "I'll be more flexible when reelected..." to Medvedev when he thought the mic was off! 

He does NOT have the USA's best interest at heart!

 Time after time when he does get around to speaking to the populace he tells one lie after another
to the American people or makes promises he has no intention of keeping or any idea how to do it if he even wanted to!
This is significant behavior! 
There are certain religious groups with whom lying to Infidels is not considered wrong doing, In fact it is a highly prized behavior.

He may understand his own history and that's why he and his trainers have paid millions to keep those records hidden from view. 
Which brings to mind his petulant and insulting tantrum after Congress failed to be bullied into passing his "background check" bill...
Speaking again of vetting someone:
 Obama hid all his past records, and never had a background check even to run and be elected as President...TWICE!
 Now he has control of the WORLDS LARGEST GUN,