Monday, May 6, 2013

Democrats must stand down!

While it seems the Republicans are trying keep things orderly and do Government business as it's always been done, the Democrat left are behaving like the Keystone Cops with seltzer bottles and oversized gavels except that it's not a comedy it's the demise of the USA. 
It's a slam a minute and the committees assigned to get answers are stonewalled every step of the way and meanwhile newer atrocities are being hatched and perpetrated!

Unlike the Presidents of the past this current "resident" of the White House keeps his own public words and political face and hands out of duplicitous, conniving, ignorant appointee's actions so that he remains untouched by their scandals, even though they are likely hatched in his office. The President has surround himself with like-thinkers as evidenced by his unelected czars.

As a second cover he has appointed mainly minorities and females, qualified or not, so that instead of defending or denying their behavior or actions, the first and often last volley from the Dems can be the organized charge of racism and/or gender bashing.
The surrogates then can be sent out to perform before the media that are ever ready to shift the blame away from this aloof, changeling of "Karl Marx past".
Sending Susan Rice out to fictionalize the Benghazi attack for days after the truth was known is a good case in point. When she was starting to be questioned about day after day of lies on National news shows the President came to her defense and said, (paraphrasing) "Why pick on her, she knew nothing about Benghazi!"
and as Charles Krauthammer replied, "…then why did you send her out there?"

You could set your watch by the timing of The Black female caucus who then jumped up en masse and cried "RACISM!"

The only person with a positive outlook after the Benghazi horror is Eric Holder and the DOJ operatives that helped arm the killer drug cartels with weapons from the USA.
Even though he had the F&F spotlight removed for a time he's still bumbling around claiming that sneaking into the country illegally is a "CIVIL RIGHT"! 
Yes he still continues to bring havoc to other laws he's supposed to uphold!

Hillary, by going into "hiding" has ruined her credibility and any chance she might have had for 2016 by being a part of this corrupt, shameless Chicago political sewer too. Americans are notorious for having short attention spans but I would have to say that even we are not so insensitive to let any of this worst of all time,  bottom-of-the-barrel Administration's shenanigans with truth and honor slide onto the back burner.
The voters that still back this President are the same that voted Marion Barry back in after he was caught on video tape smoking crack with hookers in a DC hotel room and that cheered when that gay curmudgeon and brothel manager Barney Frank, helped blow up the housing market!

Benghazi is Watergate times 1 million! No one died during Watergate. It's more than the cover-up.
It's denying asked for security to further the agenda that Obama had nullified the Taliban/Al Qaeda and had them on the run.
These pathetic political opportunists should be tried for treason!

Instead of trying to work with this lying, braying jackass of a President, the House of Representatives should be working overtime to break the back of this anti-American syndicate! 
We should not cave on taxes either unless there are serious spending cuts put forth! 
Since he was elected by the mostly uninformed who don't even have a tax burden he doesn't have a raise taxes mandate.
If he's created anything in his five years in office it's log jambs and bureaucrats. 
As he likes to spout when questioned, "I AM the President" he should try to be one and put some honor back into the office by resigning!