Saturday, June 15, 2013

America, a thing of the past...

The Path of least resistance!

“The path of least resistance leads to crooked rivers and crooked men.”

We've dumbed ourselves into the easiest way to get from Alpha to Beta.

It seems so easy to legalize pot.
No harm done and it's too difficult to police the millions that recreationally smoke secretly or otherwise.
Lets just legalize it…Everybody's doing it...well, a whole lot of people.
It makes no difference, does it, that it keeps the Mexican drug cartels busy supplying these pot heads
who just need to relax and get away from their mundane lives? Ok, ok, so the crane operator knocked over some
walls in Philly while he was working high and a few got killed…its too hard to stop it. They're going to do it anyway.
Just legalize it. 
Same with abortions… Can't get salt on the table or a 32 oz sprite in NY but lets make it ok for 9 year old girls to be able to get the morning after pill with their M&Ms at the pharmacy. Oh, you're not sure about the M&Ms? Too much sugar? Yeah, I gotcha.

C'mon it's too tough to ask them to abstain! This is the 21st century. Even a 10 year old that knocks up a 9 year old is guilty of statutory rape so he'll probably do time. We can't saddle a girl of 9 with a child so just pluck it out like a splinter or flush it out with the pill. 
Where is she gonna get the $50 for the pill? 
Maybe the 40 year old that fathered the 10 year old that can't be bothered having a talk with his offspring?
Just think what a great country this would be if Nancy Pelosi's mother had a shot at the morning after pill!

While we're at it legalize steroids for ball players. Why should they be left out in the dark? 
I've got another idea…let's arm the Muslims fighting in Syria and open the borders. Amnesty for everybody!
If we do that though Mexico is ours! They get free healthcare and we get  Boardwalk & Park Place in Cancun and Acapulco not to mention the gold and opal mines in Irapuato!  
Plus when we get to the point of having to Hiroshima the Middle East we'll realize why Alexander the Great was so GREAT!