Friday, June 7, 2013

Who lower than a snakes belly...?

The USA has never had a leader that was a common liar such as this!
The worst kind of serial, inhuman sack of human excrement that has come down the pike since Caligula was having his way.
Whatever happened to "checks and balances"?
Where are the protecters of the Realm, those politicians who we elected to watch while we toiled. To make the correct decisions to benefit ALL. If not, what are elections for? If anyone could step in and have their own way without proper discourse, thought and conversation in a land of 330,000,000 people then chaos would reign. ...and it is! We've let ourselves be weakened by the stupidity of one man whose parents and grandparents were dupes.
We let their spawn, an immature rodeo clown raised by disgruntled communists, take the reins to lead us. 
An imperfect storm of faux intellectualism destined for the Mt. Everest sized trash heap of theory.
Our Politically elected, out of sheer political correctness refuse to call a halt to our demise and continue to try "reason" while Nero fiddles and his handlers plot to turn the once great USA into another Ukraine, where there are lines for a ration of wheat to make bread and hoodlums lurk to kill you for your shoes.
(Oh wait, that sounds like Chicago and Detroit of today and California of tomorrow...Do you think it's a coincidence that these places are controlled by Democrats of the far Left?)

For all you elected that can't see the error of your thinking and can't/won't take the time to wrench the reins out of the hands of the incompetent, anti-American liars...

Before it's over the vocabulary will find their names worked into human discourse and not in a good way!
As in:
"Excuse me, which way is the V.  Jarret? 
I have to take a Barrack!"