Thursday, November 21, 2013

Stop this mule right now!

  There are myriad reasons why Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, John Kerry & Kathleen Sibelius should all report for psychiatric evaluation and given polygraphs. 
There are scores of other minions like Durbin & Grayson, who simply suffer from room temperature IQs and diarrhea of the mouth so they can just float by freely and occasionally stick out their tongues! 
Hillary is very tricky and I'm sure has an escape plan but being a conniver they should keep her under house arrest until the trial.
The DOJ Eric Holder should be taken straight to prison.
I'm more concerned with the mental tragedy playing out where those voters in Florida re-elected that jelly-brained Grayson and voted someone else in over Lt. Colonel Alan West.

This is still another step in Obama's plan for redistribution and no one seems to want to grab the reins to stop the runaways. Instead of just wringing their hands and beating around the political bush which the Dems are only to happy to let the Right do,
The Conservatives should go at them hammer & tongs. 
Maybe even like the Parliaments in some Far East countries, leap over a desk and drag Harry Reid out of the chamber by his hair piece (or his ears) and throw a few chairs! 
Reid deserves it again today! (11/21/13)
 He changed the rules so the Minority party can't stop another horrific Obama nomination and to screen Obama's abysmal un-affordable health care fiasco.
Obama's already chosen the most inept group to surround himself with and Lord knows he's not the "smartest man in the room" even when alone, so we have "The ham-handed, bungling, never worked in the private sector Gang" with the leadership of "Golfo Marx" (Or whoever our "Bully Puppet" in the bully pulpit gets his marching orders from!) running the Government for 330,000,000 people and trying to redistribute from the "makers" to the "takers"!
Now with Iran being given a thumbs-up to continue their march toward Armageddon they won't have to stone gays, women and Christians to death.
Even a community organizer should know you don't give stronger weapons to murderers!

Believe me this is going to end badly!