Friday, December 13, 2013


   The Democrat party hierarchy seem to be the written thesis of the Peter Principle which begets, with their plotting dishonesty and lies, their new diagnostic title as The Peter UN-Principled.
Skipping the idea that every Democrat would always be on the same page of this Obama-care blunder bust, where are the clear thinkers on this? Both sides of the aisle seem content to go from "It's not working" to "It's very slow" to "Just pay the fines" to "They may find out January 1st that they don't have insurance!" yet not more than a few are saying, "STOP or we're gonna hit that wall!"

Laws are rewritten and changed illegally as it goes on. Goalposts moved, confusion to everyone including the architects of this disaster. 
(Well, except Nancy Pelosi who seems to have unlimited access to valium)
In the meantime everyone on the left smiles and says either "You're gonna love it" "Its working" or when pressed under oath, takes the 5th.

It's a ball of confusion on purpose. To wreck the insured and the insurance companies and put everyone in fear of catastrophic problems should a major illness enter the picture.
So these Jackasses can ride in on their jackasses (Their chosen mascot!) and save the day by shelling out tax payer money as single payer and continuing with the redistribution of wealth from the workers to the shirkers. (Meaning more taxes and more shirkers...)
...Obama's main goal in life right after seeing himself in the mirror.

The Democrats are easy to understand, it's a power grab and they are relentlessly, at the expense of hundreds of millions of lives, plowing up citizens who already had insurance to cover the 15 million who didn't. 
What do they care about math? 
They've agreed to yell "RACISM" when questioned!
Well here's some basic math for ya...Barack O'bama & Joe Biden make the White House team 3/4 white!

My only confusion is with the Republican hierarchy that are sniping at the younger in the party that are at least showing some exuberance in trying to slow this careening
take-no prisoners, blitzkrieg to the point that they are behaving like the Muslims who, if they can't find and kill anyone not Muslim, they'll attack each other!

We need to get the drunk power-drivers off the road and fix the flat tires!