Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Dope(r) who would be King

FULL DISCLOSURE: This missive was sent to,
1. House Speaker John Bohner
2. TN State Senator Bob Corker
3. TN State Representative John Duncan Jr.

All I believe about the laws of our Country and the Constitution is being torn asunder and there isn't anyone who can grab the reins on this runaway usurping of power? 
The incessant twisting of facts to the downright lying of this President and his minions has to be stopped. We'll NEVER be able to unwind this disaster until everyone on the Right has the wherewithal to stand up. 
Working with Grass-roots and Tea Party Conservatives have to be a part...if nothing else it'll pull more into the fold and scare the Loony Left into panic mode. I for one, am ready for some serious grass roots action if it'll get those voters that sat home last time into the booth because they have a say and a REAL choice! 

The GOP is dissolving under the withering teamwork of the power grabbing Left. 
We even let them change the language to where "Pro-Lifers" are the "EXTREMISTS" without giving them a proper smack-down. 

We need a lot more Joe Wilson, "You Lie" comments and a lot fewer complaints that, 
"We want to work with them but..." 
They've done more than enough to be taken to the mat. They tee it up for you every time they blame (for 6 years) the Republicans for obstructing! 
Just get your stance right then SMACK it down the Fairway! 

Too many inept appointees are locked in without proper vetting...appointees that are regulating and re-regulating to help continue redistribution from the workers to the shirkers. 
Name one thing that isn't a mess under this Administration! 
Everything from the food supply here to the Middle East fighting is in complete chaos and deadly disarray. Eric Holder has "ghettoized" the DOJ and still has his job. Don't get me started on Education, jobs, immigration, The debt, the FED, Benghazi, Obama-care, bail-outs, abortion as birth control and on and on... 

Why would we allow China, who can't get the lead out of the toys they manufacture, to supply 73% (2012) of bottled apple juice to the US or to not have to label 'country of origin' on chicken parts from one of the most polluted countries on the planet.
 Meanwhile the EPA regulates the small farmer out of business here and then we import goods from a country that has water so polluted that it can't even be used for Industrial purpose! 

As you know there is much, much more and we could start thinning out the stupidity by reeling in this President "who needs to emulate Mandela more...starting with about 27 years in jail !" (Paraphrasing Don Imus) 
The GOP should be a shoo-in but instead they continue to play "good old boy politics" and accept the Dems thuggish behavior. 
I'm too old to be bullied by this crowd and I'm too proud to run...

It's past time to be nice.