Thursday, April 24, 2014

Be prepared!

The thought that we are being structurally bamboozled and manipulated is very obvious and to depths that even the most Right-wing zealot has not conceived! 
I won't call this an Administration because there is not one in the upper echelon of this bunch that can possibly believe that this is the right direction for the US.  This is a handpicked bunch of like-minded, dim-wits whose main theme is that the US causes all the problems of the world because of greed and white privilege. Mingling with the likes of Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin etc are criminals and contributors that are hand picked to Ambassadorships (knowing nothing about the country they are assigned) and heads of agencies that have their own swat teams and brown-shirt uniforms to make sure citizens know who's boss! 
Why does the Bureau of Land Management have armed thugs? Is the Dept. of Education going to push "Common Core" by firing squad threats?
Is this why they are trying to disarm citizens here but are sending fighter jets and tanks to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and sending guns to the drug cartels in Mexico!

Obama-care is not even in the same wheel house as some of the myriad, treacherous, serpentine goings on.
I know I don't have to recite the play list to you because surely you are paying attention to what is happening.

The insane overreach by the Feds in Nevada with the beginnings of a violent confrontation similar to the Waco massacre, Ruby Ridge and even the gun drawn raid, over imported wood at Gibson guitars in Nashville, is starting to look like the "There's plenty more where that came from!" Big Government thinking.
There is so much wrong I have to narrow it down to keep it reined in.

What about BO's, "I'll have more flexibility after the election..." to Medvedev? 
As if he already KNEW the election was in the bag when most thought otherwise.
Is his flexibility in play now with Putin…dismantling the missile shield for Putin to have his way in the Ukraine without fear?
Was Snowden "allowed" to breach security and leave the country for a joint purpose with Old Vlad? 
How about having to pay the Russians $70 million for hitching a ride to the Space Station after his canceling the NASA program? ...Sending 150 paratroopers to Poland with 100,000 Soviets ramped up on the Ukraine border. 
 I'm even thinking that the Feds are not bothered by legalizing pot because they want the masses to be "null and void" when it's been decided to pillage the village! 
If we get a bit testy they'll always have their drones, we already know they have no fear of killing American citizens with them.

The argument that the numbers of "progressives" make it impossible that so many would be on the take sounds reasonable enough except the only other explanation is a mammoth agreement to divvy up the spoils of the homeland even with the partner Repubs who are too petrified to hold onto the high ground!  
The GOP's willingness to give away victory to keep from staunchly defending the Constitution and working with the Tea Party is another clue to the enormity of the breach. 
Knowing full well that the name "BUSH" will send even the dead in Chicago to vote early and often, the left is pushing the GOP to make Jeb Bush the candidate. He may even make a decent leader but the name "Bush" will cost us dearly.

This will not end well...I foresee a massive thinning of the herd!