Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Wide World of Smack Down!

With the midterms coming up doesn't it make sense for the House of Reps to go loudly with an impeachment vote?

Blasting all the main references for the call, including this new prisoner swap plus Benghazi, The IRS/Lerner, Fast & Furious, 

The electric car fiasco then trying to crush the coal industry where 1/3 (+/-) of the electricity to charge the $34,000 battery in each Volt comes from.

Not protecting the borders or Americans that live near the borders,  OBAMA-CARE, Backing Muslim Brotherhood in EgyptTaking "Sierra Club's" advice on Keystone pipeline and fracking.
  Demanding debt limit rise, MAKING Green energy bets with tax payer money and GETTING BANKRUPTCIES and no "green" energy. 
 Let Putin take his ball away in Syria after saying on open mic he would be more flexible,  Refuses to cut spending
         Etc & so on...

Even knowing the Senate will not vote for it...bringing it up very loud and hard will get the stupidity of this Administration and their Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi
having to justify all to the forefront!

However the House has to do it En Masse and not someone in Florida one day and McCain 3 days later and soft talking.
I want more Trey Gowdy, Alan West and less Boehner & Lindsey Graham!

The House has to get riled up and I'd like to see more thrown chairs and yelling in congress at Durbin, Pelosi, Reid, Grayson and Schumer and any other of these
Clara-bells that are defending these traitors and helping with their savage barrage against America!