Thursday, July 17, 2014

A scandal a day keeps freedom away...

It's as if all of the country is in a pot puffing daze...with no "Pied Piper" to lead the rodents out of Washington, no one to alter the course of this man-made disaster!

We are cursed with the most blatantly corrupt, inept President in the history of the country and there isn't any way to remove this inhuman blemish from the body politic?
Isn't there room for politically correct checks & balances?

With this Administration's help we have children washing up dead on the Rio Grande, cadavers of Hispanics in the harsh, waterless semi-desert of the borderland, stories of child rape, unchecked illnesses, gang members (Not to mention terrorists!) sliding across and moving on to major cities and the Obamas are about to go on a 15 day vacation to somebody's mansion in Massachusetts!

Now, HHS is shipping unchecked, undocumented invaders all over the country unannounced to states that are getting hundreds of helpless, impoverished, mostly non-English speaking people to deal with. (Wait until these South Americans, sent to Nebraska or Iowa, find themselves in 3 feet of snow and -19〫below zero come December!)
If I had my wishes granted, the Governors of the border states would take care of the needy children until they can be returned to their home countries
but send the gang-bangers and families with parent(s) to Washington DC and on planes so they couldn't get off in TN or Oklahoma...
Send a few thousand to Beverly Hills, Boston, and San Francisco then the sickest, helpless and the violent drug gangs to where ever Obama's playing golf
or fund raising at a $32,000 per hot dog dinner.